Sadhguru's Kannada Book Launch & Interactive Session


In an elegant function with over 3,000 people, Sadhguru officially launched 6 Kannada books - Anweshane, Adhyatamikate, Vikasana, Padevallina, Kusumagalu, Sadguru Suktigalu, Ondishtu Amrutha Ondishtu Visha – in the Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Sudha Murty, chairperson of Infosys foundation, released the books ,

Also present were Ravi Sirivara of Prism Publications and Murali Srinivasan of Vasantha Publications. Our deep gratitude to METROnet for providing high-speed internet connection throughout the book launch, which allowed hundreds of people around the world to be virtually present. Watch Sadhguru in a lively session with Deepak Thimmaih, anchor of Udaya TV.

The six Kannada books are available at

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9 years 1 month ago

Thank you very much... for Arranging this offline video for whoever missed this opportunity...

9 years ago

Sadguru is his usual compassionate and dynamic self. Thanks to all those that were responsible for making this post available online.