Colin Agabalinda completed Inner Engineering in Uganda in 2010, but gradually fell away from the practice. He describes how Sadhguru got him back on, full steam ahead.

Colin Agabalinda from Uganda shares a recent re-encounter with Sadhguru:

“The teachings of Sadhguru have had a profound significance in my life. I have had to unlearn so many things and to see myself as a whole new being, thanks to him.

Colin practicing Karate with his son.


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Following surgery to my knee, I became so stagnated that it took Sadhguru's remark, a very casual remark to my question in the Uganda volunteers' sathsang: ‘If it’s been one year, you should be good to go,’ to give me the courage to resume everything I had abandoned. From being slow and sluggish, I am back on fire.

My practice of the kriya has become a powerful tool not just for renewed energy daily, but also as a tool for diagnosis and internal repair. Physically, I feel so empowered - I literally feel points of weakness getting fixed as I practice Shambhavi Mahamudra. And you'll be shocked how my karate instructor marvels at my progress since I started yoga.

The practice has made me very efficient at what I do: I am working full time and also writing my PhD. Ordinarily the pressure would consume me, but I have learned to enjoy the moment without worrying about the past (yesterday) and the future (tomorrow). This way I am achieving a lot.

I feel so alive, energetic and conscious, and I have learnt to respond better to people and my environment. Recently I was reflecting on how this great gift I have freely received can be shared with rural folk - ordinary villagers in Africa - and feeling a loss! I feel I am privileged to be where I am, and to have been given access to this. I found a moment to personally thank Sadhguru for giving me a whole new life.

Editor’s Note: "Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy" from Sadhguru is now available in US, UK and in India.