Life in Sadhanapada: Fulfillment Beyond The Survival Rat Race

Sadhanapada participants open up to share their experience of coming to the program to seek a more profound life, the challenges and opportunities they encountered and how this process has transformed them into more fulfilled human beings.
Isha Blog Article | Life in Sadhanapada: Fulfillment Beyond The Survival Rat Race

Over 800 participants from 32 countries come together to spend 7 months in the consecrated space of Isha Yoga Center for their inner growth.

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Sadhanapada participants come from all age groups and all walks of life, in particular those who have tasted “success” as it was popularly sold to them by society since childhood.


Having built successful careers and businesses after many years of education, they have enough money to live well (with options), their own homes, strong relationships with family and within the community, marriage and children. But somehow, success didn’t live up to all the hype and many began to realize that may be, success as defined by society is overhyped. But is there another way to truly find fulfillment?

Any Stumbling Blocks On the Way to Joining Sadhanapada?


“I had already quit my job last year after 20 years of being in IT, and  was spending time travelling all over India, trekking mountains, reading up, learning music and doing stuff I missed along the way. I was very intrigued about the program and when I learnt more about it, I couldn’t see a better way to end my sabbatical from work. So I planned everything meticulously – family, finances, work; it was a pretty smooth transition to pause everything and reboot myself here at Sadhanapada.” – Rashmi Vijayakumar, 43, Mumbai, IT Professional

"I had to convince my elder brother. He advised me against going for such a long time and wanted me to take up the new job that had come my way after a long wait of almost two years.

I told him not to worry, I'll be just fine. As time passed, I shared my daily schedule, I used to call him and tell him about how things are going here, my volunteering work, daily routine, the celebrations. Slowly his resistance towards me being here started to fade and he became more accepting of this." – Rupali Choudhary, 31, Delhi 

Was Your Family Happy That You Came For Sadhanapada?

“I remember my son asking me, ‘Why do you spend long hours on the computer when I am not allowed to do so?’ He also gave me his blessing when he said ‘Papa, you go to Isha and take a nice holiday.’ I am blessed to have Sadhguru's Grace and family support in all things so far. My wife has been a real support allowing me a free hand in working for a better cause. She's expecting to see a newer me though!” – Vinayak Gaikwad, 37, Pune, Content Writer

“I am very attached to my family, especially my one-and-a-half year old daughter, so it was difficult for me to leave them for 7 months. I did face some resistance from the family but when they saw my determination to work on myself, they agreed to support me. My wife has especially been enormously supportive.” - Vishal Kapadia, 32, Gujarat, Textile Businessman 

Sadhana – Tasting The Deep Fulfillment Of  Inner Nature


“I came to Sadhanapada unaware of the layers of resistance and limitations within me. So far it has been humbling and enriching on many levels. Whatever I thought I knew got beaten up a bit, so that I can clearly see the reality of every situation and that I learn to live and work with that.

Being and working with all kinds of people, learning to organize my mind, getting in sync with other minds, managing schedules and changing priorities, and with so many unexpected situations, I have come to see that I have the choice of going through it all joyfully or miserably, and the opportunity is there to exercise that choice again and again every day.” – Nathalie Lolo Minanga, 34, Canada, IT Professional

“Every day is a new discovery about myself. I definitely feel some sort of balance. Something is sorted inside no matter what is happening outside. I am joyful somewhere, even if something is bothering me. I feel more open to the world, I feel more free. I always wanted to be the way I am now.” – Dhanu Priya, 31, Delhi, Business Consultant

“I didn't expect to be taken care of like an infant meditator on this journey. At every step, they held our hands, wiped our tears, calmed our fears and slowly yet firmly ensured we stayed on the path. Though I was pretty aligned most of the time to the objective of the program, I was surprised to find that I had quite some resistance at times. I had to deal with a side of me I always feared. Putting aside the image of how I see myself outside the ashram, and just doing what is needed at this moment was the biggest challenge and lesson I have learned.

I think every human being on this planet should do this program. It's a complete finishing school. Balance and clarity are the key elements but this whole program is structured in such a way that you can never be the same person again. The core of you will shake and break and you will discover a new you.” – Rashmi Vijayakumar, 43, Mumbai, IT Professional

Seva – A Process of Growing by Offering Yourself 


“Sadhanapada offered me a place where I could completely involve myself. Now, when I feel that I am offering something for others’ wellbeing, my productivity is increasing effortlessly. I keep this in my mind always. It helps me to be more active, pleasant and joyful.” – Iyyappan A, 38, Chennai, IT Professional

“One thing I am very sure is I give my one hundred percent. In the Guest Care department, I brimmed with enthusiasm in guiding guests. Doing Namaskaram to a complete stranger – sometimes a group of strangers – just flows through me. I think it’s this place which makes you more willing and open to receiving whatever comes your way!” – Rupali Choudhary, 31, Delhi


"Here, I worked in the E-Media E-Mail Marketing team, which gave me an enormous opportunity to reach out to as many people and spread the word about Isha in the world. Through the Cauvery Calling Fundraising Campaign, I was able to spread awareness about our dying rivers and motivated my friends and family to contribute.

Also, every other Seva I did here has been done with complete involvement. There was Linga Seva - making the visits to Dhyanalinga and Adiyogi a mesmerizing experience for visitors; Anna Seva - the sheer joy of serving food to fellow Sadhanapadas; BSP Program Volunteering - seeing people transform right in front of my eyes. All of this was an extremely humbling experience. I think the only way you can lead or inspire is by example. So even after I leave the ashram, I hope the change in me will reflect in my thoughts, my actions, the words I say, the very way I am. And this is how I will give back to the society, the invaluable experience that I gained here.” – Rashmi Vijayakumar, 43, Mumbai, IT Professional

“I used to sleep 8-9 hours a day and still got up feeling tired. But now, 4-5 hours is more than enough. I never felt this energized. All of a sudden it feels like a day has 30 hours!” – Viswa Raj Akula, 33, Telangana, Environmental Engineer 

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