Kiran Bedi on Inner Engineering and the Making of a Nation

Kiran Bedi, India's first woman police officer, speaks of her wonderful experience at the Inner Engineering program, and shares her excitement about her upcoming conversation with Sadhguru on June 6.

Kiran Bedi, India's first woman police officer, speaks of her wonderful experience at the Inner Engineering program, and shares her excitement about her upcoming conversation with Sadhguru on June 6.

I had heard of the brilliance of Sadhguru but wanted to hear and see him in person. I got a wonderful opportunity during a conference in Chennai last year. Hearing and seeing him increased my curiosity about him, and when I greeted him at the conference, he invited me to the Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore.

My secretary Archana and I drove down to the Velliangiri foothills where the ashram is situated. I was truly excited. Sadhguru came across as an exceedingly sharp, original and rational person. There was nothing called blind faith in anything he said. But I still did not know...

We had a light breakfast at the ashram after which I saw the marvel of Dhyanalinga and went around the pristine ashram. It was brimming with joyful people and we met the wonderful children at the Isha Home School. Sadhguru personally drove me around in his jeep. I still hadn’t realized that I was being driven by a teacher who has millions of devotees the world over. I even tweeted my photograph with Sadhguru.

As a parting gift I was given a bag which had a set of DVDs and Sadhguru's biography (as if to say, please do your homework before you see me next). As I started to read the book, I could not put it down. I now realized I was with a profound mystic. A Yogi. I felt as if I had lost an opportunity to connect with him differently.

My thirst to learn from him increased by the day. I went through his website and youtube videos. (I do it daily now!) For me, it became a daily source of nutrition. Every day I got better clarity in my approach to many issues and events. I started to share many of these links with my family and colleagues. I was benefitting so much now that I wanted the same for them. I told my sister Anu, and my nephew living in the US to do the course. I asked them to prioritize this over everything else. After the course, she has not looked back.

As destiny would have it, an invite came for a special event, to be “In Conversation” with Sadhguru on the “Making of a Nation.” That would be a rare challenge! Was this “divinely engineered?”

I decided to experience at least the basic course called “Inner Engineering,” offered by Sadhguru before I was to meet the profound Mystic again. I, with my key team leaders of both my foundations, requested for a course. Swami Nakshatra and Maa Ekisha at the Isha center in Delhi accommodated our preferred dates. They gave us their very best. They succeeded in altering some of our very hard, closed attitudes. And guess what, our day of initiation was the day of Buddha Pournami. What more could I ask for.

And now, the entire staff of over one hundred from both organizations and all responsibilities – teachers, record keepers, office cleaner, food maker, office keepers, drivers and others – will be sitting through the course in the next few days. Those of us who have done the course already will be volunteering and serving them (breaking barriers for the first time).

I have kept up my Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya since then. As have my colleagues. It is already a habit! Each one is much more aware of our thoughts and actions. Each one is much more self-driven. Each one is calmer and in control of themselves. Each one is more joyous at work and at home. Each one feels more energetic. Each one is much more productive through the day! What does one want for oneself and one’s team members? This is what the association with Isha Foundation and doing the course has done.

I am convinced that without such experiential learning, just “book education” is mere information – a surface skill. Its roots may not be deep enough to take the onslaughts of life. But then, who will alter the current state of affairs where book learning prevails? Will the parents do it or the teachers? Or will social leadership do it? Or the students themselves? They need to know what is missing. Who initiates this process?

Let's ask Sadhguru for answers. Because we need them. And offer a plan for Mr Narendra Modi and his new government aspiring and determined to carve a new India! These answers will be heard on June 6th, during the “In Conversation with Sadhguru” event on the "Making of a Nation." Hope to see you all then. It will be a blessing for all of us who are present and listening.

In the past, doing Vipassana from Guru Goenkaji was a treasure, then came the Art of Living from very caring Sri Sri, and now the powerful Inner Engineering Course from Sadhguru. Making my life purposeful.

For me it's a big leap towards an endless journey.

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6 years ago

great! soon Kiran Bedi going to be CM of New Delhi! with Sadhguru Mercy!

6 years ago

Pranams, So glad that the eminent Ms. Kiran Bedi has done the IE course. There is no looking back after that

6 years ago

It is amusing that she calls the journey 'endless'...switching from one practice to the other - won't this cause a disturbance to one's system? There are some who just want to try and experience all sorts of meditations, which is not good...

6 years ago

Hope Kiranji gets the BJP ticket for Delhi elections and she becomes the CM. Good that she is doing Shambavi. Madam please read Mystics Musings.

6 years ago

it cools the eyes to see such a wise lady with Sadhguru... Looking forward to June 6th.

6 years ago

thanks for your heart felt SHARINGS, Madam.

6 years ago

I dont see any wrong in it. One can continue doing all the practices. Vipasana could be her first introduction. Art of living only focuses on improving the health. She might be the real seeker looking for enlightenment. Unfortunately Sadhguru also says for most people enlightenment can only be attained at the time of birth. As one advances in the spiritual path, real guru will find you who can takes you closer to your path.

6 years ago

I understand what you're saying; personally I believe Sadhguru is veritably the only Guru working with the masses right now; there could be other saints working for the welfare of the populace. But it's not for me or anyone else to judge who is the real Master around. All I am saying is that one should honour all paths, but follow one path, to the end. Since from the very start I have just been with the practices Sadhguru has offered me, I don't think it's right for me to comment on what some other spiritual organisation is teaching, nor do I care. I think I am with the best Master! ;-D

6 years ago

From Vipasana to Art of living to ISHA. Looks like Ms Bedi is yearning for the depth in this sphere. I am sure ISHA will be last stop her where she get to touch depth she is looking for. Time to deepen the awakening

5 years 11 months ago

Good for India.... if intellects and leaders from all areas of country become inclusive and think about how to break the barriers and help the people in that direction we will definitely become a prosperous nation in all directions. I have full faith and confidence under the leadership of NAMO India is set to connect to its roots which will make India shine again like a diamond.