Isha Thaimai is an initiative specially designed for pregnant mothers, allowing them to cultivate a healthy body and mind. It features interactive sessions to explain about motherhood from changes during pregnancy to delivery, including child care, growth and development. Powerful, yet simple yogic practices are also taught to rejuvenate and balance the system. Discussions, demonstrations and group activities give an opportunity to clarify doubts, overcome fears and share experiences.

One such session happened recently in Chennai, with the participants and their spouses participating in the day’s events. The day ended with the tying of the Linga Bhairavi Abhaya Sutra and distribution of Devi Prasadam. A few participants share:


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“When I continue my yoga practices at home, I can feel the change taking place in my body. With a relaxed body and mind I could do my daily chores very well without any tension. I always had the fear of bad dreams. In one of the sessions, Sadhguru talked about dreams. It cleared all my confusions and doubts. I have also changed my food habits slightly. This has refreshed my body.”
- Vijayashree

“Here, when I was with the other expecting mothers, I felt absolutely happy. Words are not enough to thank Isha for offering such an innovative program for pregnant women.”
– Padmapriya

Please find below the list of upcoming program launch dates and contact details-

Sl.NoCentreLaunch Date
   1.             Trichi     Aug 19th
   2.             Salem     Aug 26th
   3.             Pondicherry     Sep 2nd
   4.             Tirupur     Sep 5th
   5.             Chennai-English     Sep 9th
   6.             Chennai-AnnaNagar     Sep 30th


For Thaimai Tamil class: 91 9487895440
For Thaimai English class : 91 9789856290