Isha Foundation’s Government School Adoption Program organized Career Guidance workshops for the students in schools in Coimbatore district, which was conducted in partnership with Cognizant Foundation.

During this 6-hour workshop, volunteers assisted school students of 10th and 12th standards in identifying their potential and shaping their future. Seeing that a majority of these students come from rural, underprivileged backgrounds, this guidance and exposure is a huge opportunity for them.

To provide some context, Isha Foundation’s Government School Adoption Program was started with the aim to provide quality education to children in rural and underprivileged areas in conformance with the constitutional mandate and the national curricular framework. Government schools are adopted for a five-year period and given additional inputs for quality and delivery of education at par with private schools. The objective is to improve their overall wellbeing.

Isha’s efforts in this initiative include providing quality academic inputs, as well as bringing a transformation among teachers to instill the feeling of being a “parent outside the home”. Other important aspects are developing students’ body, mind and spirit, inculcating a sense of social responsibility among the students and local public, and providing critical assistance in maintaining the infrastructure of the schools.

The Government School Adoption Program has so far adopted 31 schools across the districts of Coimbatore, Dharmapuri and Salem and caters to almost 26,000 children. Already the results have been very encouraging. The program has achieved an average student teacher ratio of 40:1 by appointing 151 teachers. This is an improvement from 70:1 in Dharmapuri and 45:1 in Coimbatore. About 71% of remedial students have been mainstreamed – we are excited to say that a few of them have now even become rank-holders in their class.

For the career guidance workshop, the program happened in the following places:


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19 January

At 12 adopted schools

Conducted by 120 CTS volunteers as part CTS outreach activities


From 21 to 25 January

At 5 adopted schools

Conducted by Mahendra Engineering College


Feb 2 and Feb 9 at 14 adopted schools in two batches

Conducted by CTS volunteers as part of CTS Outreach activities