It’s not just “Aum” chanting that is echoing throughout the ashram. In recent history, residents have become accustomed to the sounds of hammers and drills through much of the day and even through the night. A host of new buildings under construction are generously expanding the Isha Yoga Center’s ability to house, feed and host thousands of more guests and meditators for the years to come.

Below is a sneak preview of the exciting projects underway:

What: The Aadhi Yogi Alayam Meditation Hall
Where: Coconut Grove
Stage of Development: Planning Stages

This massive 80,000 square feet hall will be nearly four times the size of Spanda Hall and can accommodate 10,000 people. Darshans and special programs, as well as classical music and dance performances will take place in the new Aadhi Yogi Alayam. Doors open December 2011 to kick off the Mahabarath extravaganza which will take place December 15-22, 2011.

What: New Theerthakund Mercury Pool
Where: Coconut Grove, behind Nandi
Stage of Development: Planning Stages


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The new Theerthakund will be for Gents only, while Ladies will have the original all to themselves. This will allow meditators and guests to freely take a dip in their respective pool at any time during the day.

What: New Kitchen
Where: Near its current location, adjacent to Biksha Hall on the North Side
Stage of Development: Foundation has been laid

The new 18,000 square foot kitchen will have the capacity to serve up to 15,000 people at one time. In addition, the dining area of Biksha Hall will be expanded by 2,500 feet.

What: Kalari Shed
Where: North Side of Chamundi
Stage of Development: Ready in two weeks

The dome-like contemporary-designed shed will be the home of Kalari, one of the most ancient traditional systems of martial arts still in existence today. Training takes place in a specially constructed practice area called “Kalarippayattu” which means battlefield. Students from the Isha Home School and Isha Samskriti will make use of the new space, as well as ashram residents.

What: Tarana Assembly Hall
Where: Isha Home School
Stage of Development: Ready March 1st

The new assembly hall of the Isha Home School will be inaugurated on March 1st by Pundit Jasraj, one of the leading Hindustani vocalists who will also perform.

What: Four new housing blocks
Where: Isha Home School
Stage of Development: Under construction

New housing blocks for senior boys and girls – each 10,000 square feet are currently under construction, in addition to a 20,000 square feet middle school housing block.

Many more projects are under construction – stay tuned and we will keep you posted in upcoming weeks.