Inner Engineering Program

Completion of Inner Engineering, including initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, is a prerequisite for this sojourn.

The simple yet powerful tools for inner transformation that you will receive as part of the program will greatly enhance your experience of the vibrant places you will be visiting.

To learn more or register for upcoming programs, please visit: Inner Engineering

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Inner Engineering

Medical Fitness

  • This sojourn requires you to be physically and mentally fit.

  • Please note that this sojourn is not suitable for pregnant women and people suffering from chronic health problems, like epilepsy, heart ailments, uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes, asthma, chronic infections, psychological problems, physical disabilities and obesity

  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs are strictly prohibited for the entire duration of the sojourn.


Isha Sacred Walks are journeys to places of divine connection, where the veil between the physical and spiritual is thin. Such sacred spaces revitalize and energize us, and give us an experience of our inner nature.

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