We meet at New Delhi and begin the journey together to Haridwar, one of the most sacred cities in India. Along the way, we stop to enjoy lunch and arrive in Haridwar in the early evening.


The day begins with a satsang and sadhana together in the morning, before stepping into the Himalayas. Beautiful vistas unfold as we drive to Uttarkashi. Meditate at the powerful two-thousand-year-old Kashi Vishwanath Temple and experience the spectacular arati in the evening.


We set off to Gangotri early in the morning to visit the temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the sacred Bhagirathi river and meditate on its rocky banks. We will travel back to Uttarkashi in the evening.

Pipalkoti & Badrinath

After an overnight stop at Pipalkoti, we continue on our way to Badrinath. Enroute, we will have darshan of three of the five Panch Prayags - Karnaprayag, Vishnuprayag, and Nandaprayag. A "prayag" is a confluence of two sacred rivers.

Badrinath is known for its ancient Vishnu temple and its natural hot springs. A pilgrimage to Badrinath also includes visits to the Vyasa Cave, Bheem Pul, and a walk through Mana – the last Indian village near the Indo-Chinese border. A satsang and meditation bring the day to a close.


Also known as secret Kashi, Guptkashi is famous for the ancient Vishwanath Temple, said to have been consecrated by the legendary sage Agastya himself. Along the way, we will see Rudraprayag, the confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini.


We trek to the ancient and powerful Kedarnath Temple, which houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and is one of the holiest sites in India. Sadhguru says “Kedarnath is a very heady mixture of energies. Numberless yogis and mystics of every kind have left their imprint here.” We will go through a meditation process near the temple to experience the energies of this space.


Following the profound experience at Kedarnath, we will meditate at the ancient Vishwanath Temple in Guptkashi. This location holds special significance as it is where Sadhguru Sri Brahma spent a few months in meditation along with his disciples .

Rishikesh & Haridwar

On the return journey, we will make a stop at Devprayag, the sacred confluence where the River Alaknanda merges with Bhagirathi, forming the revered River Ganga. We will have the opportunity to take part in the mesmerizing evening Aarti on the banks of the Ganga, either in Haridwar or Rishikesh, often known as the gateway to the Himalayas.

We close the sojourn with Guru Pooja, an offering of gratitude to the great beings who have made available the powerful possibility of inner transformation.

New Delhi

The journey comes to an end as we travel back with cherished experiences and memories to last a lifetime. We will reach New Delhi around 6:00 PM.


Isha Sacred Walks are journeys to places of divine connection, where the veil between the physical and spiritual is thin. Such sacred spaces revitalize and energize us, and give us an experience of our inner nature.

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