Setting off! Sadhguru with the Hon. Governor of Punjab, VP Singh Badnore

After nearly two months of hectic activity and build-up, the D-Day is finally here! The massive ‘Rally for Rivers’ road trip will kick off today from Coimbatore at VOC Grounds.

Ever since Sadhguru announced a few months ago that he would be undertaking a rally to create awareness about the urgent need to rejuvenate our rivers, people have spontaneously joined the movement. People from all walks of life – governments, security forces, entertainers, sportspersons, celebrities – all have shared the message and pledged their support to this campaign. Hordes of people have conducted sessions in schools, colleges and offices, stood in street corners holding up the ‘Rally for Rivers’ placards… making sure that everyone in this country understands the necessity for this people’s movement and makes a missed call to register their support.

The support which started as small streams has fed the river, and it has now gained tremendous force! It is now time to forge forward. Bharatam Mahabharatam!


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    Now more than ever, we need to #RallyForRivers