204 Pages
Published 2016

A Taste of Well-Being


In an era where a great variety of cuisines are just a restaurant away, it has become difficult to choose what to eat. Food products labelled ‘healthy’ one day are abruptly dismissed as ‘lethal’ the very next, while crash diets and celebrity regimens are trashed by nutritionists. So what is the correct, balanced diet for your body? How do you know if you are eating your way to well-being or ill-health? The answer, simply enough, lies within.

In the Yogic tradition, food is alive, with a prana of its own. When consumed, the quality of the food influences the qualities of your body and mind. In ATaste of Well-Being, you will find a wealth of recipes that have been perfected in the kitchen of the Isha Yoga Centre, enjoyed by millions of visitors for over twenty years. Ranging from refreshing juices and salads, to complete meals of grains, cereals and curries, to tasty desserts for those with a sweet tooth, the positive-pranic adaptations of each dish are a treasure for all those who’ve always hoped healthy eating could also be tasty!

Interwoven throughout the book are Sadhguru’s insights into digestion, nourishment, classification of foods and more. Photographs and testimonials offer a glimpse into the daily life at the Isha Yoga Centre, a space designed for inner transformation.

A book that will help you discover the potential that lies within you and the joy you can derive from the simple act of eating.



An exemplary piece of work. It takes the reader through the intricate journey of discovering the real key to well- being in the most simplified manner. A must read’
Sonal Kalra, Hindustan Times

In his first-ever self-help book, Sadhguru tells us what it takes to live in well being—to be in an abiding state of health and peace, joy and fulfilment. Peppered with personal anecdotes and Sadhguru’s inimitable wit, Three Truths of Well Being offers a wonderful range of profound and practical tips and do-it-yourself exercises. This book is a must-have for anyone committed to becoming fully human. ‘Three Truths has become my bible, it’s like a vitamin for one’s well-being’
Namita Devidayal, author and journalist