Using a rudraksh, Sadhguru shows us how food is turning tamasic in nature during the course of a Lunar Eclipse.

Video Transcript:

The following talk is an extract from Sadhguru Darshan on the Total Lunar Eclipse, 10 Dec, 2011, in front of Dhyanalinga.

Sadhguru: The moon is on fast-forward today. All the twenty-eight days, all the twenty-eight faces of the moon, you see right here. Everything that happens in a month, in a subtle way is happening right here. When such a fast-forward is happening, many things are changing. One thing that you will notice is, that the food... No, when I say food I mean your body. Food is your body in making, isn’t it? the food, particularly the cooked food will go through the phases of its deterioration much, much more rapidly in a subtle way than it does on a normal day. We thought we’ll do a little experiment. this is just to show you how quickly it’s going bad right here, as we sit. This is not just happening to the food, this is happening to your body, this is happening to the whole world in a certain way. If there is food in your body, it would happen to you much more, that is in two hours’ time your energies will age by approximately twenty-eight days. We’ll keep watching this as it goes by. (Checks the sambar with rudraksh mala) See right now, it’s still okay. You watch this in the next one-and-a-half hours. You will see things will change about this food, as we sit here. Okay? We will leave it now, it’ll mature. (Checks the sambar with rudraksh mala) See how quiet it has become now, not very enthusiastic. (Refers to meter) First time we held it, it was clearly going this way (Means rudraksh moving in clockwise direction); right now it is simply... it’s... it is still not totally tamas. It is moving there, it’s almost there, you will see in another fifteen - twenty minutes, if we check it, it’ll be going anticlockwise. So if this was in your stomach right now, seven o’clock if you had your dinner and you were sitting here, this would be happening within you. So I thought it’s better it happens outside than within you, because food will rot in the stomach. If we go by the physical sciences, if we examine you by the limitations of physical sciences, on one level you are just heart, liver, kidney, lungs and whatever. We know today they are all replaceable. Are you replaceable? (Laughs) Let's see what’s happening to the sambar. Are you able to see this?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: Actively going negative. (Rudraskh is turning anti-clockwise) In these three hours what happens in twenty-eight days is happening right here. It is happening to your body right now as you sit here. You should be able to notice it but you are not able to notice it so the sambar is telling you, what your brain is not able to tell you. we are watching it only for less than forty minutes, in an hour’s time, what is nourishing food is turning into poison. If you eat this what will happen? ‘Will I die?’ Unfortunately you don’t. (Laughter) Why I am saying unfortunately is, if... if you eat this, if you immediately fall dead, they would have passed a law, ‘ On an eclipse day nobody should eat the cooked food.’ But because it’s subtle.

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