In this video, a questioner asks Sadhguru if she should take care of the body as a beautiful creation of God or be detached from it. In answer to the seeker's question, Sadhguru says that the limitations of this body will not allow you to be fulfilled because it will always ask for more. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the body, as it is through this vehicle that we can experience the beyond.

Sadhguru: We never said body is not important. Body is fine but body is limited isn’t it? Yes?

Body is the limited possibility When you are young you think body is unlimited but if you have little sense you can see body is very limited. Isn’t it? So is there something wrong with being limited. Nothing wrong it is just that your nature is such that it cannot settle for anything limited. Please see. Yes? Once you come with a human form it cannot settle for the limited. If you give it this it will ask for that If you ask for that it will… if you give it that it will ask for that if you give it that it will ask for this Endlessly it will ask. Because it is seeking the unbounded. So body can never really fulfill you because you will not settle for the limited. So we are talking about going beyond the body not because we think something wrong with the body simply because you cannot settle for the limited.

If you settle for the limited today tomorrow you will be frustrated with it. You will want something more; something more; something more; how much more do you want? You want to become unlimited. Please look at the desire – your desire is always to become unlimited. Whatever you know through that it’s trying to become unlimited. That’s all. So body, the limitations of the body will not allow you to be fulfilled. So we have seen how to go beyond it. This does not mean neglect the body. This does not mean destroy the body. This does not mean body is not important or body is wrong. It’s only through the vehicle of the body all this nonsense you can do isn’t it? If you destroy the vehicle what to do? No, we are not talking about destroying the body at all. We are not talking about ignoring the body but using the body to the limited dimension it is and see how to go beyond that because if you don’t see that you will never know fulfillment because body is the limitation. Body is a tremendous limitation isn’t it? It’s a tremendous possibility but still a tremendous limitation isn’t it?