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What is Youth and Truth?

India is at a crossroads

Over half the population is under 25. These 650 million youth – their aspirations and capabilities – will determine the nation’s future, and in many ways, the world’s future.

The challenge

The impositions and pressures of society are taking a toll on the youth. A majority of our youth have no source of profound wisdom and insight. At a key juncture in life, as they explore and are vulnerable, there is no sane voice offering clarity. This is where Youth and Truth comes in. 

Youth and Truth is a movement to inspire and empower India’s youth

During this month-long campaign, Sadhguru will connect with millions of youth online and offline through interactive, candid sessions across the country. What’s more, every day, Sadhguru will address a youth icon’s burning question online. Young people will be able to seek clarity on anything they choose – career, parents, addiction, stress, relationships, sexuality – nothing is off-limits. 

Sadhguru does not offer advice, morals, teachings, or instructions. Instead, his phenomenal clarity gets to the core of any matter, and opens up the truth behind it. This clarity will be essential for the future of our youth, and thus the future of Bharat. 

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