Glorious Kailash

On this Spot, Sadhguru shares his ever growing fascination with the magnificent Kailash, in both prose and poetry. Behold this “glorious form” of a mountain in our slideshow. Additionally, we have included glimpses of Manasarovar and other locations in Tibet that the Isha Sacred Walks participants got to explore.
Glorious Kailash

The five-day trek in Nepal, helicopter rides through most breathtaking terrain around Annapurna peak, and more – all this fades away in the glorious presence of Kailash. The hardship, sore muscles, harsh weather, and insufferable toilets – all this seems like nothing once we behold the incredible form of Kailash. At Darshan – mispronounced as Darchen here – after the downhill trek, all of us are in a bit of a daze. May all know the experience of being dazzled by this glorious form. My fascination for this form only seems to grow by the year. Leaves me incredulous and drenched in what I value most.


A glorious being of immense
proportions, when longed
to share his monumental
knowing. Found all seekers
Inadequate and unable
to receive this torrent of
ceaseless knowledge. Of all
there is and all that isn't.

A knowing that encompasses
every manifestation of
creation, its innards and
the very basis of all there is.
Unable to find a seeker
of the right magnitude
chose this Sacred Rock

May no fool treat this
as just another Rock
to languish in ignorance
forever. Let all know
this Rock is a choice
above all Beings.

Love & Grace