From Down Under to Los Angeles for the Shambhavi initiation. The online program is doing a fabulous job in terms of preparing people. It is very touching to see the tenderness and trust that people are coming with. It is an immense possibility and a tremendous tool for raising human consciousness large scale. It is like they’ve had me in their homes for 7 days, and being here for the initiation is such a big possibility. What is being done in India mass scale can easily be achieved here and in the rest of the world through the Inner Engineering Online program.

Los Angeles is both a beauty and a beast. It has the ingredients to be among the most beautiful cities and it’s quite a beast too. LA is like the Mumbai of India.

Today I am in Chicago for a high profile evening event and Bhairavi consecrations. Chicago is named after the “shikaakwa” - the stinky onions that are found along the banks of the Chicago river; this city for sure has many strong smells to it.

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Go-North was the policy for the African-Americans, who either were freed or escaped from slavery in the South. In this Go-North, Chicago became an important destination and railhead made the needed facilitation, and the engineering industry promised livelihood.

A cauldron of ethnic cocktails made this city interesting and volatile at once. A great possibility for progress and disaster -- and this city has seen plenty of both. Even today it has the highest gross metropolitan product in the USA, and also the highest rate of murders. It was known as a crime capital at one time, housed the likes of Al Capone and Dillinger, but of course it did an Obama on the world. For those who know the history of the struggle that the African-Americans have been through to find a footing in this city, the Obama election victory must have been the greatest and sweetest moment they ever saw. A product of Chicago had some influence upon me on my early years in the form of Ernest Hemingway. I am ready for you Chicago. Are you ready for me?

It is significant that this is 108 years after Swami Vivekananda made his entry into the Western world through the gateway of Chicago. Here I am…

Love & Grace