Course Highlights
Course Highlights
Practical Tools for Effortless Living
Meditations to Address Key Aspects of Life
Rejuvenating and Balancing Yoga Practices
Tools for Awareness
Ongoing Support
Lifetime Access to a Treasure Trove of Q&A Videos
Course Structure
Course Structure
Class 1
Mechanics of Life
“The most sophisticated machine on this planet is the human body. But you have not read the user’s manual. Let us explore.” - Sadhguru
Class 2
The Only Bondage
“Unleash your desire; limit it not to the limited. In the boundlessness of the desire is your ultimate nature.” - Sadhguru
Class 3
To Live and to Live totally
“Only in seamless expansion of who you are does life allow you to live totally. To live totally or to the fullest is the only fulfillment that the life that you are can know.” - Sadhguru
Class 4
You are not what you think
“In conducting every moment of your life in absolute willingness, you make a heaven out of it. All that you do in unwillingness is a sure hell.” - Sadhguru
Class 5
The Miracle
“Most people are trying to control their minds. I want you to liberate your mind to its fullest possibility.” - Sadhguru
Class 6
Sounds of Creation
“Words and meanings are the realm of human minds – sounds are an essential part of Creation.” - Sadhguru
Class 7
Creating What You Want
“Your wellness and your illness, your joy and your misery, all come from within. If you want well-being, it is time to turn inward.” - Sadhguru
Maintain high energy and alertness throughout the day
Improve communication and interpersonal relationships
Enhance clarity, emotional balance and productivity


Reduce fear and anxiety
Stress free life that can alleviate chronic ailments
Achieve joy, tranquility and fulfillment


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Research Findings
Research Finding

Harvard Medical School Research

Research study on Inner Engineering Online found an over 50% reduction in stress in practicing participants

Corporate Program Research Partner:


Rutgers University Research

Inner Engineering Online results in a significant increase in energy, joy, and work engagement

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Contact Us
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Frequently Asked Questions

Inner Engineering Online is a sequence of 7 sessions with Sadhguru, each consisting of 90 minutes of streamed video. Every session includes a guided meditation and concludes with an awareness exercise that empowers you to apply the tools of the course in your day-to-day life. Since the program is a step-by-step process, sessions cannot be skipped and each one needs to be watched in its entirety.

In order to offer you the experience of a live session, the options to rewind, fast-forward or watch a session again are not available. However there is a 10-second rewind if you miss something and need to hear it again. Once you complete a session, you will be systematically directed to the next one. Therefore, it is essential that you dedicate the needed time for each session without interruption.

Starting from your registration date, you have 30 calendar days to complete the program.

It is not necessary to finish all 7 sessions in one sitting; you can complete the program at your own pace. However, too much of a gap between sessions is not recommended as it may compromise the continuity of the course in your experience. We recommend creating dedicated time in your schedule for each session and committing to it.

Sadhguru has addressed thousands of questions over the years. An invaluable selection of Q&A sessions is available to you through the Treasure Trove in the Bonus Videos section of the course. Questions pertaining to every session will be unlocked and available once you complete the session.

Sadhguru's YouTube videos offer eye-opening insights on various aspects of life. Inner Engineering is an experiential step-by-step process to engineer a profound inner transformation. Unlike YouTube videos, it provides tools and methods that empower you to create your life the way you want. Though YouTube videos can be a great complement to Inner Engineering, they do not serve as a replacement to the course.

Besides English, Inner Engineering Online is currently offered in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and also in Russian, Spanish, German, French and Simplified Chinese.

If you wish to learn Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya and bring in a transformative yogic practice into your daily life, you can attend the Inner Engineering Completion program after completing your Inner Engineering Online course.

The Treasure Trove is a collection of Q&A videos where Sadhguru answers the most frequently asked questions from the sessions, plus other additional content. You must complete the session to unlock the Treasure Trove content for that particular session. For example, you will have access to the Session 2 Q&A videos only after completing Session 2. Once you complete all 7 sessions, you will gain unlimited access to all videos.

The recommended computer requirements for this course:

  • Computers with Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or Mac OS X version 10.1.5 or later and some Linux versions with standard browsers available in it.
  • Android Tablets and Phone (with Android Version 4.2 and above)
  • IOS Devices
The Inner Engineering Online course is available on the latest Sadhguru App

The Internet Requirements for this course:

  • A broadband connection (DSL, Cable or Satellite) is required to effectively stream the videos with a download speed of at least 350 kbps. You can test your internet speed at bandwidthplace.com
  • To optimize your experience, it is recommended to have a hardwired network connection.
  • Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome (recommended) or Safari. Google Chrome browser is the best-recommended browser as all necessary software components required for the course are built-in.

All the classes can be viewed via a wired or wireless internet connection. For the best video quality, we recommend watching the classes on a broadband connection.

Check and make sure that the system you are using to watch the video is connected to the internet.

If you have good internet connectivity and still you are not able to start the video, please clear cache, log out and login again. If the problem still persists, contact the support team at info@InnerEngineering.com or call (844) 474-2436.

Yes, all the sessions can be viewed full screen. When you begin watching a video, click full screen option on the control bar.

You will need an internet speed of at least 350 kbps to view the videos. It is recommended that you use a broadband connection (DSL, Cable, or Satellite). You can test your internet speed at bandwidthplace.com. Please contact your internet provider if you are unsure of your internet connection properties.

On most Windows systems you can right-click anywhere on the desktop, click on "Properties," then click on the "Screen Saver" tab at the top of the dialog box. From there you can disable your screensaver or adjust the settings so it will not come on for over an hour. For most Mac systems, go to the Apple icon and click "System Preferences." Under "Hardware," click "Energy Saver." Then set the computer and display to sleep after 1.5 hours or more, or choose "Never."