We're just wrapping up with the Isha Summer Program for Children here at Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences tomorrow, and it sure has been a wild ride. The kids have been wonderful - never has such a large group of kids been so well behaved and full of energy like these budding yogis.

They've been waking up every morning for Guru Pooja at 5:30am, followed by a schedule that kept them busy every minute of the day until their bedtime. Every day a new special event was held, making every day one to remember.

In addition to yoga class three times a day, we had traditional Indian parties and festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Mehndi. Diwali ended with a spectacular show of fireworks. The children stood in awe at the colorful sky of fireworks above them.

One of the most memorable events was Holi. All the kids faces lit up when they began to be sprayed with water and covered in blue, red, green, and yellow dyes. The party went on for what seemed like hours with everyone wanted more dyes to cover each other. Included are just a few pics that hopefully portray the highly energetic atmosphere displayed that day.

While the program is almost over, there are still many surprises in store for the kids. We want these ten days to be something the kids tell all their friends about when they go back to school in the fall. They might end up talking for hours because it seems that a few months of activities were packed into these eventful and exciting ten days.

- Alex, resident at iii


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