In honor of Teacher’s Day, September 5, we offer you the touching experiences of an Isha Vidhya teacher. Senthil Vinayagam G, Vice-Principal of Isha Vidhya Santhegoundan Palayam School shares the moments of teaching that changed his life.

Senthil Vinayagam G, Vice-Principal: ‘Sometimes it’s hard to describe something you love a lot. I am experiencing that difficulty now. Actions are the best form of expression. Whatever I share about Isha Vidhya teachers in words and writing will be far less than what they do with their actions.

As a teacher, I love this institution a lot. As a student, I love it even more. Whether a teacher or a student, every individual associated with Isha Vidhya is exposed to various learning opportunities. In one way or another, everyone uses the opportunities they were exposed to and benefits from them. I am one such person who has utilized these opportunities and learned a few things which improved my standard, personally and professionally. I would like to share these moments that changed me.

What happened to me?

Like many normal boys, I grew up with little education and lots of fun. I finished my post-graduation, and only during my college I found that my inner strength is teaching. I got a job in a multinational company and left it in 2 months, knowing that it was not the place I belong. I applied at Isha Vidhya and got a position. I was excited to be working in my favorite field, but I was also focusing on my economic needs. I saw education as source of income, like many other people, but what happened next inside me was a magic. The economics inside my mind slowly disappeared and social values entered in. Of course Isha Vidhya is the magician that made it happen.

What’s special about my school?

“Matriculation School” - what does one imagine after hearing such a name? Students with modern dress, shoes, ties, high class environment, educated parents? I thought the same after getting selected, but Isha Vidhya proved me wrong. The first day I entered the school, I saw little children in traditional dresses with their little bare feet touching Mother Earth and their little hands joined together saying “Namaskaram”. The teachers, office members, and Principal were all simple. At first, I decided to act smart. I assumed that the content and the quality of delivery would be simple too, and that this school would not have any high class technology like city schools, but I was proven wrong again. The content and the quality made me wonder why I didn’t have a school like this growing up. That moment, I decided that Isha Vidhya was not only a place to work, but also to learn.

What makes me happy?

There are so many things that make a human being happy. Someone’s happiness is found in simple things, while some others need more complex things. As a teacher, my happiness is a mixture. For example, I am extremely happy when my students look at me. You may wonder, “Why would he get so excited for such a simple action?” The reason for my happiness is the most important and complex information that only a teacher can see in the eyes of the student - their eyes speak, saying, “I have understood what you have taught.” Yes this sight gives me extreme happinessssssssss...I would not get this feeling even if I received a salary with the same number of digits as the number of “S” in my happiness! This is the place where money became just paper in my mind and my students’ understanding of the subjects became more valuable than any money. I never tried for any other job; I have not written any government exams, even though many people have tried to convince me to seek a higher salary. I chose this as my path, and now I am committed to it.

Why here, not anywhere else?

Yes, there is quality here. Yes, there is respect here, but why Isha Vidhya rather than any other institution? My answer is very simple; here I am more responsible as a teacher, as a citizen, as a human. Most of the children here are from families that are socially and economically far behind. I have seen students entering the school stealing and lying, but I never get angry because they are doing this for survival. There are students without parents, there are little hearts longing for a mother’s love and a father’s care. This school has changed so many such students. This school has given parents to so many children. I am proud to be a part of this. I am not here to create Gandhis , I am not here to grow Buddhas, I am not here to create superheroes - I am here to address the humanity inside everyone, I am here to show that there are dreams inside every child, and I am here to prove that every child has enough potential to make his dream come true. The “I” here is not just me, the “I “here is every teacher, the “I” here is Isha Vidhya itself.

Readers may see this as just another writing by a teacher. To those people I say, “Step in, see the difference, and you will feel what I felt. That is Isha Vidhya.”’


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Below, teachers from Isha Vidhya Infosys Matriculation School in Dharmapuri share their teaching experiences.

Rohini M.

Rohini.M, III – B Class Teacher: ‘We are all working as family members in Isha Vidhya. We are getting different ideas and different opinions from our peers, and implementing these ideas helps us reach our goals. I am happy and proud to be a part of Isha Vidhya.’

Sri Devi

Sri Devi, English Teacher: ‘Here we are not teaching the students, we are just guiding them to learn. I feel very happy and satisfied when kids are coming up with their own, different answers. I am very proud to be a teacher for children of rural background. Most of these students are the first generation coming to school. So it is challenging too, and I enjoy that challenge.’

K. Vijayarajkumar

K.Vijayarajkumar, Science Teacher: ‘The trainings are giving me more ideas and increasing my confidence level. I am not only trained in my subjects. These trainings support me for individual growth. I am seeing different kinds of people in my surroundings outside, but no one is happy and satisfied in their work. Here in the school, I am seeing real happiness from my colleagues.’

Aswini K.

Aswini K., Class I: ‘Our students enjoy coming to school and learning their subjects. Students and teachers greet every person with “Namaskaram”, and everyone has a kind nature. I am proud to be a teacher in Isha Vidhya.’

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