Inner Engineering Online participants will have the wonderful opportunity to be initiated by Sadhguru when he conducts the Shambhavi program in Melbourne on August 11th & 12th. This will mark the first time that Sadhguru will impart the ancient and powerful kriya, Shambhavi Mahamudra, in Australia.

Sadhguru’s first Shambhavi program Down Under is surely something that Inner Engineering Online participants will be looking forward to. Many individuals across the globe have benefited from the Inner Engineering Online Program which has transformed their lives without them having to step out of their homes. Evita Ochel shares her experience after taking the online program:

“When the last class came, I knew better not to attach myself to the ending, but nonetheless I knew that the next evening I would miss Sadhguru’s presence and wisdom as part of my day. It had become such a delicious way to end each day. For that 1 and a half hours I was immersed fully and completely, not in some mind-numbing TV program, but something that awakened, revitalized and stimulated the whole of my being. When the concluding part came, I could not help but end off with tears in my eyes. The feelings were of pure bliss and joy knowing that I got such a valuable gift, which would only improve my life even more.”

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