Here’s Sounds of Isha’s latest, a rendition of Jaago Bhairavi, an invocation to Devi Bhairavi, a plea for Devi to come awake in one's heart and take one across the ocean of life. It expresses the longing of the devotee to surrender at her feet.



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Jaago Bhairavi

Come awake, O Bhairavi!
Come awake in my heart.
The wind is blowing,
The water is rough.
O mother,
Hold my hand and take me across.
I am,
But an ignorant child of yours.
I have no knowledge.
I know no devotion.
I surrender to you,
All that I am.
That you may simply
Allow me to sit at your feet.

Linga Bhairavi is the most exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine, unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga. Powerful, earthy and humane, Linga Bhairavi is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess – all-powerful and all-encompassing.

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