September 23rd 2012 marked 30 years of the Isha Foundation. To mark this milestone, a series of initiatives are being launched throughout the year. The Insight leadership program was one of them - a first step towards building a leadership academy, the Isha "Make a Life" Golf Jaunt is another one.

The Isha “Make a Life” golf jaunt has been conceived and designed to raise funds and awareness about the pressing social issues in India. For its first edition, “Make a Life” focused on education in rural India. The golf jaunt is not a tournament, but rather a friendly get-together of passionate golfers, interested in making a difference and contributing towards the blossoming of a child’s life. The first Golf Jaunt took place in Delhi on Dec 8th.

Neo Sports covered the event and will be telecasting the same on Friday 21st Dec at 11:00 pm

Repeat timings
Saturday 22nd Dec at 8:00 am
Saturday 22nd Dec at 7:30 pm
Sunday 23rd Dec at 10:30 am
Sunday 23rd Dec at 06:00 pm
Tuesday 25th Dec at 07:00 am

“I have known the pain of seeing bright star like eyes of little children in our villages turn into dull hopelessness in a few years with an unsaid fact that there is no way out of the hopeless social and economic pit.
This innate intelligence in these bright starry eyes can be harnessed towards making of the nation and a better world or allow it to find expression in the form of violence, addictions, crime of terror. This is the plight and possibility.”

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