Donate to the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Fund

Chennai and other coastal areas in Tamil Nadu are reeling from the worst floods in a century. Isha is organizing disaster relief work. We appeal to you to support our efforts.

తమిళనాడు ఫ్లడ్ రిలీఫ్ ఫండ్ కు విరాళం ఇవ్వండి….

Donate to the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Fund DONATE NOW

Flood Relief Efforts

An Overview 

Chennai and other coastal areas in Tamil Nadu are currently reeling from extreme unseasonal rainfall and city-wide flooding. On December 1st alone, Chennai received 35cms of rainfall, almost twice the average rainfall for the whole of December. This comes on top of heavy downpours that crippled the state of Tamil Nadu in November. The weather bureau predicts more rainfall in days to come. Many lakhs of people have already been displaced and are in urgent need of support. Isha is organizing flood relief efforts for rehabilitation work, medical aid, basic amenities, and food, water and clothing supplies for the flood-affected.

Isha's flood relief operations will happen in phases as the needs of the people during each phase will differ.


Mobile health clinics equipped with doctors and paramedics will be visiting people in flooded areas who cannot move out. These will provide free consultation and treatment.

Relief camps

Doctors and paramedics will offer consultation and treatment in areas where people can move around.

Day-to-day consultation

Doctors will be stationed in Chennai and adjoining areas to support people requiring medical aid.


The entire state of Tamil Nadu is being divided into zones. Basic amenities such as clothes, utensils and food will be collected from donors in these zones and distributed to the flood-affected through trucks.

List of things you can donate in kind


  • Towels
  • Bed sheets
  • Shorts
  • Trousers
  • Chudidars
  • Saris

We appeal to you to join hands with us and support those in need. Whether you wish to volunteer or make a donation, any effort on your part can make a big difference to someone whose life is in dire straits.

Contact Information


  • To donate in kind or doctors who can support the disaster relief work can contact: +918300011111, +918300051000, +918300052000
  •  Helpline for donation via bank transfers: +919442139000

Donate to the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Fund DONATE NOW