What if the surgeon operating on your broken bone was stressed and tense because of personal problems. Not a very appealing idea is it? A few stats may be helpful in painting a picture. The stats are relevant to physicians in the US, because unfortunately, such studies have not been widely conducted in India.

1. 45% of US physicians show burn-out symptoms

2. 32% have a risk of emotional exhaustion

3. On average, they work ten hours more per week than other professionals


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At the recent Indian Orthopedics Association Conference , orthopedics - the men who deal with your bones - got some advice on inner management from Sadhguru. Invited for a special guest lecture, Sadhguru spoke to 300 of the top surgeons in the country about settling the inner dimension to be effective in outer situations. "You have to spend a certain amount of time in focusing on your inner management. If this doesn’t happen, you will only manage situations by accident," said Sadhguru.

It's all in a day's work for an orthopedic to cut into living, throbbing flesh, and they deal with fractured, broken bones on a daily basis. In light of this, one of the audience members posed a question to Sadhguru about doctors sometimes becoming inured to others’ pain and suffering, and looking at the human body almost as a commodity. Sadhguru spoke about activating the humanity within, and turning inward. “When you feel strong love or compassion for somebody, that is when your humanity overflows,” said Sadhguru. “This is not something that you have to train yourself to do, this is something that is anyway beating within you. It is just that people develop various strategies to suppress their humanity because they think it is not safe, they think that is not the way the world is made. Humanity is not something that we have to teach through your religion or scripture or anything. It is something that beats and throbs in you every moment of your life.”

After the program, volunteers distributed CDs of Isha Kriya – a free guided meditation. Hopefully, the “bone men” will find it helpful in managing their hectic schedules and stressful work situations.

Try out Isha Kriya, a free guided meditation.