Mobile phones, laptops, ACs, cars, kitchen appliances... all these have become a necessity in our everyday lives. Just about everything that we do taxes the planet and the environment in some way. Though major efforts and policy changes are the need of the hour from corporates and governments, is there something we can do as individuals to reduce the Earth’s burden? Possibly the simplest way an individual can offer Mother Earth a “tax refund” is by planting trees. But the reality is that, living in cities and caught up in such hectic lifestyles, most people hardly have the time or place to plant and nurture trees.

Be A Part of PGH’s 1 Lakh Trees Campaign

This week, Project GreenHands (PGH) launched its online tree planting campaign for the World Environment Week on 5 – 12 June. PGH plans to raise funds to plant 100,000 trees this year @ Rs100/$2 per tree. This campaign offers people an opportunity to plant trees with the click of a button. If you are a Greenie at heart, Project GreenHands will

  • Plant trees for you
  • Let you track the exact location of your trees (GPS coordinates)
  • Give you the name of the farmer who is growing your trees


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This campaign is part of an agro-forestry project which means sustainable trees like timber, fodder and fruit trees will be given to farmers who will nourish and nurture the trees. Your contribution will cover post-planting maintenance for 2 years and cost of re-plantation until the trees become self-sustainable. The agro-forestry project is a proven model, and last year PGH raised funds for 50,000 trees. This year PGH wishes to double the number of trees given to the agricultural community.

Here’s How You Can Participate

You can be a part of this campaign in several ways:

You can plant trees online by logging on to PGH’s World Environment Day page. You can also send an offline donation through cheque/DD in favor of “Isha Outreach” to Project GreenHands, Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Semmedu Post, Coimbatore – 641 114. Please mention your email id so that we can send you your tree certificate.

You can start your own campaign page in support of PGH and invite your friends and colleagues to support your campaign.

If you would like to promote PGH’s campaign in your company, corporate or organization, you can take a print out of this Environment Day poster and display it on the notice board. (Please get permission from your company first!)

Editor’s Note: Project GreenHands (PGH) is a massive public reforestation effort aimed at inspiring people to plant trees and restore the environment. So far, PGH has facilitated the planting of 17 million saplings in urban and rural areas. Visit the PGH facebook page for interesting tree and eco-related factoids, news and updates.