D r. Jayaprakash Narayan recently interacted with Sadhguru in a scintillating dialogue that lasted over two hours, examining various issues confronting India today – the rot of corruption in our political system, the need for a united India and the way ahead. Following is Dr. Narayan’s personal sharing of the event:

In Conversation with the Mystic – on June 16 was a rare experience. Two normally autonomous streams – the spiritual and the temporal – collided. The result was a happy synthesis. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s spiritualism is not exclusive or arbitrary. It is inclusive and acknowledges and incorporates fully the importance of evidence, logic and rational thought. Sadhguru’s god is not a vengeful, jealous, intolerant god. His conception of divinity is more in time with the pantheism propagated by many seers, and embraced by great thinkers like Einstein.

Sadhguru is democratic in discussion and open to dissent. His approach is clearly pragmatic with a deep appreciation of the hierarchy of principles. Three points emerged sharply from the discussion – unity of India, harmony in society, and economic growth to end poverty and fulfill our potential.

Sadhguru also has a healthy and mature approach to politics in a democratic society. Instead of reviling politics and demonizing politicians, we need to be engaged in the political process, and strive for improvement. His seminal work in the greening of Tamil Nadu amply demonstrates this pragmatic and robust approach.

If spiritualism and mysticism mean improvement of the human condition and promotion of national unity and economic growth, and if spiritualism transcends a particular god or religious belief or superstition, that is the kind of spiritualism most human beings should be happy to embrace. It provides space for polytheists, monotheists, pantheists and atheists. That is the spiritualism Sadhguru advocates and practices. The conversation with him was both stimulating and enriching.

- Jayaprakash Narayan


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