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Sitting still is easy. Or, is it? We invite you to take the Stillfie Challenge – the act of simply sitting still, in the most unusual, difficult, or fun place that you can think of. Share with us an image or a short video of your exploits!


It is said that Shiva sat in meditation for many millennia until one day, on a Mahashivratri, when he became absolutely still.

This Mahashivratri, February 24th 2017, Sadhguru will lead tens of thousands of people in a night of explosive meditations, when the natural upsurge of energies of this night make it possible to reach one’s spiritual peak. Yogis see this night as the night of stillness. Join us in this massive “Still-athon”.

Mahashivratri is a very significant night for the ambitious, for those who are in family situations, and especially, for spiritual seekers.

Join the Stillathon on Mahashivratri on Feb 24