Thank You Teacher


Remember the high school teacher who first ignited your passion for chemistry or for music, or mathematics? Or perhaps when you were knee-high someone took you by the hand, pointed to the heavens and incited your romance for astronomy?

Many of us can recall a special person who opened the door to a new world and invited us in, who saw promise in propensity and encouraged us to explore it; a mentor – whether a parent or a teacher – who inspired us through their example, who transformed history into story, words into poetry, notes into song. Have you known such a person?

On the occasion of the consecration of Adiyogi, we invite you to thank all those you have learned something from – who have influenced you or profoundly altered the course of your life. Share those special memories through a video or a message. We will compile and post them on social media as a tribute to all teachers.

#ThankyouTeacher is a tribute to Adiyogi, the first yogi, the first teacher of yoga and the originator of the science of yoga.

Upload a video / image / message thanking your teacher on twitter / facebook with the hashtag #ThankyouTeacher