Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga

Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga

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“The aim of this book is to bring Adiyogi to the people as he does not belong to the past. He belongs to the future.” – Sadhguru

Shiva or Adiyogi does not spell religion. Shiva spells responsibility – our ability to take our very life process in our hands.

To make our lives effective in any sphere of life, we turn to science and technology. But when it comes to well-being, we turn to belief, to fanciful philosophies and ideologies. What we need urgently today is a living technology, a way that works.

What Adiyogi represents is an ancient but state-of-the-art technology for inner well-being. He offers not tradition, not religion, not belief, not scripture, but tools for transformation that have endured not because of enforcement, but because of their sheer efficacy.

He lived 15,000 years ago. But today, finally, the world seems ready to embrace the highly refined, non-sectarian science of yoga he offered. The human intellect has developed to the point when it is ready to embrace this science. A science that can withstand the spirit of scepticism and logical enquiry. A science that is tailored to suit minds that are more questioning than they have ever been before.