A 5-day residential program at Isha Yoga Center
March 1-5, 2019
A 5-day residential program at Isha Yoga Center
March 1-5, 2019
“To commence Yoga Sadhana during Mahashivratri in a consecrated space that exudes power and possibility of Self Transformation is a true Blessing.” - Sadhguru
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Traditionally, the time around Mahashivratri is considered as an auspicious time to enhance and deepen yogic practices. The Classical Yoga Workshop provides an opportunity to participate in a special yoga program and to stay in the consecrated environs of the Isha Yoga Center during Mahashivratri.

Prior participation in a basic Isha Yoga or Inner Engineering program is recommended but not mandatory.


What is this workshop about?

The program includes a set of very simple yet transformative Hatha Yoga practices, which will prepare your system to receive the most benefits on the significant night of Mahashivratri. The practices include potent yoga kriyas, a set of powerful yogasanas, Yoga Namaskar and a set of practices from Angamardana – a fitness system rooted in yoga.

This set of practices is geared to align your system to the celestial geometry. Being in sync with existence will naturally create a chemistry for health, joy, blissfulness, and above all, balance. It will also revitalize the body on all levels and enhance your energy system. You can very easily integrate these practices into your daily routine.


Some of the main benefits include:

  • Strengthening the spine, skeletal system, and muscular system
  • Relieving chronic health conditions
  • Increasing flexibility and body tone
  • Taking years off the body and decelerating the ageing process

Select participants (Manasarovar category) will also get a chance to participate in the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana, which happens at the Dhyanalinga with Sadhguru.


All participants can also take part in the Yaksha and Mahashivaratri celebrations. Food and stay will be provided as a part of this program during these 5 days (March 1-5, 2019).

आवश्यक शर्तें
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  • आयु मानदंड: 14 वर्ष और उससे अधिक।

Program Schedule

  • 1st March: Orientation
  • 2nd & 3rd March: Yoga Sessions (Not all sessions/days are mandatory.)
  • 4th March: Mahashivratri
  • 5th March: Check-Out and Departure

Check-in is open from 1st to 4th March.

Contact Information

India Number: +91- 8448447707
Global Contact: Click here


Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore 641 114, India


बैठक व्यवस्था

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Categories for the Program
Dorm Stay - Consecrated space (Mattress provided)
Yoga Sessions Included
Regular Seating
Lunch & Dinner Included


12,500* INR
(per person)
(Closing Soon)Register Now
Standard Non - AC Cottage: Four sharing accommodation
Yoga Sessions Included
Priority seating
Lunch & Dinner Included


39,000 INR
(per person)
Register Now
Deluxe Non-AC Cottage : Twin sharing accommodation
Yoga Sessions Included
Exclusive seating
Lunch & Dinner Included
Pancha Bhuta Aradhana with Sadhguru in Dhyanalinga
1,50,000** INR
(per person)
Register Now
* Note: It is mandatory to be initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra prior to March 1st 2019 if you wish to participate in the Program under the Kedar Category.
** 16% Discount for Manasarovar category for couples.Total payable: ₹ 2,50,000

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