Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences

We have built all kinds of facilities in our society to take care of our physical, psychological, and social needs. What is lacking is infrastructure that addresses the inner wellbeing of human beings, the essential core of who we are. – Sadhguru
Consecrated Spaces
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Free Yoga Day
As a commitment to bring wellbeing to the surrounding communities, Isha Institute will be offering free yoga classes and lessons on vegetarian cooking every month. Free Yoga Day
आभासी यात्रा
Living Isha - Power of Presence

Isha Institute of Inner-sciences, Tennessee, USA

In light of the global pandemic, Isha Institute is not only the safest place to be but, most importantly, offers an exuberant environment to nurture self-exploration and transformation, in a caring and inclusive ambiance. You can choose your preferred housing arrangement, from studios to apartments to individual homes, and craft your life within the sphere of a consecrated or energized space.
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Due to limited bandwidth at the Isha Institute, Wi-Fi is only available to guests who absolutely require it for work purposes.  In such situations, the Wi-Fi fee is $5/day.  For those who simply wish to check email or stay in touch with family, there are 3 public computers available on the campus.

Cellular service is often inconsistent on the campus, except for those with Verizon as their provider.  Isha’s landline phone is available to update your family about arrival and travel, but long conversations may not be possible.

Isha shuttles are available directly to and from Nashville (and sometimes Chattanooga) airport on program weekends. If your timings don’t match up with our shuttles, there are several other options.

The Isha Institute offers a variety of programs, activities and energized spaces that provide opportunities and methods to increase and attain physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  It is a unique space created for the purpose of allowing human beings to deepen their life experience and to reach their ultimate potential.



Energized Spaces

Two powerful meditation spaces are the main features for most visitors to the Isha Institute.

    • Mahima, which means grace, is an awe-inspiring 39,000 sq ft domed meditation hall and home to many of the programs offered at the Institute.

Daily Schedule

Visitors can also enjoy many nearby attractions:

Cumberland Caverns

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Canoeing/Kayaking on the nearby Collins River

Chattanooga Aquarium

Creative Discovery Museum for Kids – Chattanooga

There is no fee for a day visit.  Day visitors are asked to pay for meals, $10 per adult and $5 per child (age 7-13), payable at the Welcome Center desk when you check in.  Learn more about day visits here.

Isha Institute offers a variety of activities for children.  Yoga Sessions include:

Each year Isha Institute offers the Isha Summer Program for Children which offers a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of his or her natural potential.

Children are always welcome to sit quietly in meditation spaces like Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga. Children may also explore the gardens and hiking trails when accompanied by an adult.

Note: Children under age 14 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times while on campus

Pets are not allowed on the premises.

Isha Institute is located on Isha Lane, which intersects with Tennessee Highway 8.  The Institute is approximately 16 miles from the center of the town of McMinnville, Tennessee.  There is a large “Isha Institute of Inner Sciences” sign at the front of the entrance to the property on route 8.

Here is a map with directions from major cities to Isha Institute.  Please look up your directions online and bring them with you, as many GPS systems give incorrect or outdated directions to our location.

Programs at Isha Institute are categorized by beginner and advanced.

Beginner Programs

Advanced Programs  Please note that advanced programs require certain prerequisites.

Other Offerings/Processes:

Visitors can participate in offerings and special processes at the Adi Yogi, Abode of Yoga.

Isha’s flagship program Inner Engineering is offered online and qualifies you to take advanced programs at Isha Institute.

You can also look specifically for a program with no prerequisites or start meditating today with Isha Kriya.

Isha Foundation USA offers yoga and meditation programs in many major cities throughout the US and Canada.  A list of scheduled programs is here, and a list of city centers where programs are offered is here.  For those who wish to take a program in any of Isha’s other city centers around the globe, please visit our global website,

Smoking or oral tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and other similar devices of any kind are not allowed on the campus.