World Peace Day

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru sends us a poem from iii in Tennessee in light of World Peace Day. "War and war/ the in-between space, we call the peace". A slideshow of photos from the event accompanies the Spot. Enjoy!


War and war
the in-between space, we call the peace

Peace, peace only
in preparation for another war

On principles we have fought
for boundaries we are fighting still

In the name of god
many a slaughter we have performed

Filling this graceful planet
with the odious smell of anger and hate

Oh, slumbering ones, come let us dissolve
the blood-thirsting monster within us

Here, drink from the fragrance of my being
and know the bliss of living

Love & Grace

To read more about the event happenings, please visit the World Peace Day live updates page.

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6 years ago

Wonderful poem by Sadhguru! Very true that what they call it peace is the time when they are planning for another bloody war! Hope the whole world unites with Sadhguru in making the planet really peaceful.

6 years ago


6 years ago

So very Kind and full of Being Alive

6 years ago

"Here, drink from the fragrance of my being
and know the bliss of living"
Pranams sadhguru deva _/_

6 years ago

Pranams Sadhguru. Fighting for the boundaries, how wonderfully said. I am humbled and grateful.

5 years ago

Need to attend Inner Engineering Class in Bangalore. When it could be possible to attend.....

6 years ago

Nothing short of tears for this one!

6 years ago


6 years ago

Pranams SadhguruG

6 years ago

How many more Hiroshimas will it take
Till nuclear disarmament happens for sanity's sake ?
New boundaries are being drawn every day
And when can we like the birds cross and anywhere stay ?
How can we learn to permanently peace maintain
Without guns and missiles pointing in the bargain ?
All questions leading to one simple solution straight
Remove from minds and hearts the weeds of hate.

Sadhguru is tirelessly working towards it and we need to support him more.

6 years ago

Thanks Guruji !

6 years ago

How very true

6 years ago

We can help Him but by becoming blissful ourselves first...Isnt that what He is working towards!