Sheer Immensity of Kailash

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru reflects upon his recent trip to Kailash. “Though this is the tenth episode of Kailash treks, still can't help being astounded by the sheer immensity of it all.” A photo album of Sadhguru’s voyage accompanies the Spot. Enjoy!

Though this is the tenth episode of Kailash treks, still can't help being astounded by the sheer immensity of it all. This year has been an organisational ordeal, thanks to the uncertainties created by the visa issuing authorities. If not for the kind intervention of our External Affairs minister, we would not have made this trip at all. Isha groups are the only Indian national groups that made it to Kailash this year.

All groups made it safe and in good form, two of them are still on their return to Kathmandu. There are times when Kailash can be in cloud for days on end in this season but it is grace that not a single group from Isha has come away without Darshan in the last 10 years.

Dear Nepal a beautiful and unique nation, sort of disoriented after the earthquake. Tourism industry badly hit, the economy has taken an ugly hit. This is a land that can offer most exciting terrain for adventure tourism and a wealth of legendary places for sacred tourism. Particularly for India, this can emerge as a great destination of pilgrimage. Proper presentation of many wonderful possibilities that Nepal is, needs to happen.

Love & Grace

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4 years 11 months ago

Namaskaram, praying for Nepal to restore its entire Body

4 years 11 months ago

We are really blessed by the great photos sent by Isha of Sadhguruji's travel to Kailash this month. I had also registered for Kailash trip with Isha and still awaiting further intimation of visa and travel to Kailash. I was told out of 10 groups planned and permits obtained by Isha, only 6 groups could get visa for August travel and balance 4 groups are yet to get the visa. We really hope the trip will happen atleast in Sep, though without the company of Sadhguruji. We pray Kailashnath to make it happen.

4 years 11 months ago

but in this year myself in "B" Group cannot able to participate in yathra , next year we will get darshan with the help of sadhguru's grace

4 years 11 months ago



All the trips did not make it still.
I too am in one of those 4 groups which are still waiting for the trip to happen. Wish Sadguru will come with us again..
Felt very disappointed when I got the mail about postponement second time and that Sadguru will finish and return by the time we hope to start in Sep.
Waiting for some miracle to happen..having Sadguru in our trip..