Qatar International Business Women Forum

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru addresses the Qatar International Business Women Forum. Many dignitaries and business executive also attended the event. Among the chief guests included the Minister of Energy and Industry, the chairman for Qatari Businessmen Association, and the vice-chairperson for Qatari Business Women Association. Enjoy!

The economic model being used in the world today has to be re-crafted to serve humanity.

In many economic conferences I have attended, there are those who refer to India as an emerging market and think of how to exploit it. If you see it as 1.2 billion people, you would see how to serve them. If you serve them they will be your market, they will be your resource, they will be your partners and it is more of an inclusive way of doing things and it will be long-lasting. If you come and exploit me, I will get rid of you the day I can get rid of you. If you come and make me your partner, get involved in my life, I will never want you to go. The economy has to re-engineer itself to fit into people's lives. Our idea of success is being one step ahead of somebody else who has already made a mistake.

The role of women as business and economic leaders or partners is a very important role. A woman has developed a capability in herself, which other eyes could not see.

The economic model being used in the world today has to be re-crafted to serve humanity. This is the time to understand and regulate commerce in such a way that it serves human wellbeing and should not work against us.

In business or elsewhere - a leader can see what others cannot. If you don't see anything new, if you don't see anything fresh that others cannot see, for sure you will become a subject of ridicule. The role of women as business and economic leaders or partners is a very important role. They have a privileged position from where they can sit back and look at what is happening.  A woman has developed a capability in herself, which other eyes could not see. A man's day-to-day race with somebody else has kept him so busy that he cannot see anything. Vision is a very important part of being a leader, that you are able to see something.

And, because of technological advancement, the physical strength of an individual does not matter anymore.  Now there is no such thing as male and female on the planet, as you can sit in your home and access the world; everybody has the same access.

We have all the necessary resources and technology to address every human problem.

Love & Grace

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6 years 3 months ago

Jai Ho

6 years 3 months ago

Pranam to Sadhguru.
All fellow followers of Sadhguru and Isha in doha, can we have a get-together ?
I'm new in doha and would appreciate the company.
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6 years 3 months ago

That is a clear message to macro level capitalist whose exploitation agenda tops their list. At the micro level, it is high time to reconfigure the mindset of the millions or billions at the workplace who rejoice on backstabbing, cronyism, disparity of labor and other deeds that only make life miserable. It is indeed time to re-think to make this world a better place. The simple problem is that capitalism coupled with hegemonic motives not only is a global current seeping from the "bigger guys", individuals seem to cultivate in from the within towards satisfying their own exploitative needs. In other words, the macrocosm structure has resulted in a more selfish human race at the microcosm. Now, the microcosm is indeed widespread. What Sadguru claims I think is a constructive attempt on how to view the world. It is high time business models take a paradigm shift and this requires human mindset transformation away from an ego-centric existence to much a socio-altruistic notion of inclusion and probably coupled with an eco-centric approach. The outcome then would be more sustainable, thoughtful and an economy much signifying the essence of human existence.

6 years 3 months ago

It's great to pride Isha . Sadhguru . Thanks

6 years 3 months ago

When we look at lands green or brown, we see a good scenery
But when they who matter look they see acres of "real estate"
When we look at the teeming millions we see a brother hood of man
But when they who matter look they see human resources to exploit
This entire world is being pushed into the corporate web of scams
The water we drink and some day even the very air we breathe
Unless for giving business a human face, we start doing all we can

Pranams Sadhguru

6 years 3 months ago

Nice of your goodself mr Chandrasekar to express such. Indeed it is
natural for mankind to view from an exploiting lens. Nevertheless, there
is the law of natural decline and there will come a time when good will
triumph over the evil. Of course, for the good to triumph, it takes an
upstream row. It is never that simple. Take all scripts and you will
find that, "rejoicing" in most cases occurred in the later part of the
episode. Now that Sadguru has actually rekindled this revolution, let us
partake in preaching this gospel. Along with this, millions are
actually vouching for a better earth. So, let us not forget that there
are millions in the bandwagon of Sadguru's aspiration. Just keep
Sadguru's momentum going.


6 years 3 months ago

Dear Sadhguru,you speak such truth ! there is no need for complaint, Time to take responsibility for this form i call the Self and open it to the Macrocosm of all life. thank you so much your yoga simply works wonders in this small but wonderful life.i truly love you all. Shiva Shambho!

4 years 3 months ago

Can somebody post the Video link about this? Thank you.