After two breathless days at the ashram, off to Singapore for a four-day visit. This is the first initiation for the Inner Engineering Online program in this part of the world. Over five hundred participants for the two-day event. Singapore volunteers seemed to be holding their breath for the event to happen. Joy and relief were very evident in their response to my arrival. Participation was great but the cutest part of the event was to have ten to twelve participants from China who would not understand a word of English. They arrived with a translator and went through the preparatory steps with our local teacher, and went through the initiation process also with translations. They have been following Isha activity for the last one year on the web. Their longing to know, intensity of participation and exuberance of experience was truly touching. This was 'beyond words' communication with me for them.

Stayed in for Monday and Tuesday just to catch my breath and golf a bit. Singapore has twenty four golf courses and the Island Club course is picture-perfect. The weather has been great with a splash of rain and cool breeze -- golfing paradise.

Singapore is an extraordinary nation; a nation without any great resource, but smart and disciplined handling has made it into a great nation. A place where business is pleasure. Just a little over seven hundred square kilometers, 4.5 million people, trillion dollar economy with per capita income of over 60,000 Singapore dollars. It is a success story without compare. A nation that is very environmentally aware with stringent laws to protect the ecosystem. India has more than a lesson to learn from this little nation.

We also had a Bhairavi consecration; Devi is doing incredible things to a few people here. She is bound to take the island in big ways in years to come. Dinner meet at the residence of a Pakistani host brought interesting people to the fold.

Just a four-and-a-half hour direct flight from Coimbatore. Wonderful people and fabulous golf courses; this island could be a great escape. But for me, just about everywhere there are Tamil people -- recognised and clicked without respites. I'm on a flight to Chennai, just before taking off, half the people on this flight wanted to take pictures with me. There is a certain intimacy that the Tamil people have with me that is overwhelming....

Love & Grace

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