T hree weeks since I landed in India and there have been three 3-day Inner Engineering programmes. One in Hyderabad for a certain profile of people and the other two have been mega events with over ten thousand people each. Pondicherry programme had 10,068 and Nagercoil over 10,500. It is absolutely overwhelming to see that so many people are thirsting for spiritual awakening. In fact, we had to hold down enrollment as arrangements were made only for ten thousand participants. The levels of discipline and devotion displayed are beyond description. These are extraordinary events that bring about a near paradigm shift in these small towns, with almost 3-5% of the populations taking part in the programme for three days. This many meditators and volunteers in a small town is a true Silent Revolution of Self-Realization.

This is what we have been working for in the last 3 decades. By the way, it is 30 years of Isha and it is Guru Purnima today.

Isha’s foray into higher education started with a bang on 2nd July. We are in collaboration with Mahendra Institutions for long-term partnership in taking technical education to international standards. Mahendras are a homegrown setup with over 3 decades of involvement in education. They have done a great job of creating infrastructure and a healthy culture upon the campuses.

Representatives of various industrial houses also participated, as one of the important goals for Isha is to bring forth long-term partnerships with industry, not just for recruitment but to engage in nurturing institutions towards producing great engineers and other professionals. To harness the expertise and experience that the industry had in the educational process.

On a day like this when the Grace of Adiyogi flowed and made human lives a great possibility, may you know the strength of Sadhana and the Bliss of being in Grace.

Love & Grace

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