I t takes a lot of life’s experience to realize that what you thought was great, is not so great actually. When Krishna was asked, ‘What is the nature of truth?’ he said, ‘What seems to be like poison is amritha*, what tastes like amritha is poison.’ It takes a lot of life’s experience to realize this. Very few arrive at this without too much pain. Most people arrive at it with much pain. For most, when they arrive at it, it’s too late; so it makes no difference anyway.

Has this happened to you? What you thought was really great when you were sixteen, was not so great when you were thirty? If you don’t let it happen at thirty, it’ll happen to you at sixty. That’s a loss of life, a terrible waste of life. The more you hasten the experience of life, the better it is.

There’s a saying, ‘Experience is like a comb that you find when you have lost all your hair.’ There is also a vernacular saying, ‘You find nuts to eat when all your teeth are gone.’ So nuggets of wisdom will fall upon you when you’re digging the grave. No, they must fall now. When you are young and healthy, when life is ahead of you. And not nuggets, a torrent of wisdom should fall upon you. If this has to happen, there is no other way than to bring clarity to your perception.

If you don’t do enough work to bring clarity of perception, wisdom is an accident. If there is no clarity of perception you will see things in the way they are not. Once you see things in the way they are not, you will live a ridiculous life unknowingly. Maybe ten people have joined your party and ten of you are doing the same stupid things, and you feel it’s the right thing, but you will know one day what the right thing is. I only hope that day is not the last day of your life.

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Shankaran Pillai woke up his wife at 2:30 AM and said, ‘Something really spooky is happening in our house. It’s been happening every night. I thought I wouldn’t bother you but this is too much and just now it really scared me.’ She asked, ‘Okay, what’s happening?’ He said, ‘When I go to the bathroom to pee at night, if I open the door, the light comes on by itself.’ She scratched his face and said, ‘You idiot! It’s you who’s been peeing in the refrigerator!’

Please get it right. Get it right as quickly as possible.

* nectar

Love & Grace