I f you allow the source of creation within you to find expression, joyful is the only way you can be.

The Egyptian legend says that if one wants to enter heaven, at the point of entry you will be asked two questions. Unless you are one big "Yes" to these two questions, there is no entry for you. The first question is: Have you known joy in your life? And the second question is: Have you given joy to those around you? If your answer to these two questions is “Yes,” I must tell you, you are already in heaven.

To become a joyful human being is the best thing that you can do for yourself and all around you. Especially when anger, hatred and intolerance are rearing their heads in hideous ways, joyful human beings are the only insurance. Only those who know the value of being pleasant will strive to create pleasantness all around.

May you know the fulfillment of making all you touch joyful.

Let the New Year begin and prosper as an offering. Keep yourself in a mode of offering, always seeing what best you can do for all around you. It is in this mode you will glow effortlessly. Beauty of life lies not in what you get or have but in how you are. May you become an offering that is worthy of the Divine. In this you shall touch the Divine.

May you know the bliss of the Divine.

Love & Grace

Empty Face

The blindness of the Bat
got covered by the unheard
sound. Do you have
something to cover your
ignorance? Are you just
a farce of a scripture or
a teaching? Are you the
fraudulent One who nurtures
a secret will or fanciful
whim? Or are you kneaded
by the Masters Will? Do you
cohabit with Masters Grace?

Are you an empty Face
An expression of His Grace

- Sadhguru


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Who Answers Our Prayers?

 Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. I want to know who answers our prayers.

 Sadhguru: It depends which number you call!

Questioner: I don’t know which number, I just say it and I don’t know where it goes. Most of the time it is answered, and I think you know and you will tell me.

 Sadhguru: If your prayer is an offering, why the hell are you bothered whether it is answered or not? If your prayer is a petition, only then you would be concerned whether you are answered or not. Let your prayers be an offering. If you are in a state of offering, then life will happen differently.

We do not know how long the Saptarishis sat in front of the Adiyogi receiving and drinking what he offered, but because of the nature of what the Saptarishis perceived, the lore says they sat there for millennia. Adiyogi offered them 112 ways in which a human being can attain to his fullest. Because 112 was too much for each of them, he divided this into 16 each. Then he told them to go and share it with the rest of the world, and he directed them as to which one should go to which part of the world.

When they were just getting ready to leave, he said, “After all this, won’t you offer anything to me?” They were so completely mesmerized by what he had offered, they had forgotten this fundamental etiquette. Then they looked at themselves, “What do we have that we can give?”

One of them said, “Except the loincloth that we wear, there is nothing in our hands. What can we give you?”

Adiyogi said, “But are you going to leave without offering anything to me?”

The others were dumbstruck, “What can we offer? What do we have that is worthy of him?”

Then Agastya Muni bowed down to Adiyogi and with these  16 magnificent ways in which a human being can attain, which he had grasped, he said, “I offer everything back to you.” Taking this cue, everyone else did the same. Now everything they had learnt and known, they poured it back at his feet. After many years of learning and grasping, now they were once again completely empty.

Shiva said, “It is time to go.”

Before they went they asked, “Can we at least have you whenever we want?”

He said, “Yes, if you stay this way, I am always there. If you stay empty as you are right now, I am always there for you.” He taught them simple methods with which they could invoke him, and  because they went out completely empty and ignorant, all 112 ways were available to each one of them – but not as their own. They became a passage for Adiyogi to deliver this.

The Saptarishis offered back what they had spent their lives to learn. Because they offered these 16 things as their gurudakshina, we still maintain the tradition today. When we do Guru Pooja, we make 16 offerings, called “shodashopachara.” All the 16 ways are offered back to him. If one does this, standing naked and empty, everything that is Divine will also be yours. Everything that you call as “Creator” will also be yours. Otherwise, you will pick up pennies and think you have won, that you have made it in your life. Most people do not learn with life, they only learn with death. When the moment of death comes, everything that you have gathered will mock you in such a horrible way – that is when you know what a waste it has been. Right now, in competition with somebody next to you, your whole purpose is just to do a little better than some other fool.

These seven sages went out empty and impacted the world in a way that it can never be deleted. Adiyogi manifested himself in a million different ways because they had the sense to put back everything that they had learnt.

An asking person will not go very far. You telling the Divine what should be done today is too rudimentary. Prayer, unfortunately, has become a very crude affair. If at all you must pray, let it be an offering, not a petition.