Is Shiva an Alien? – Kangana Ranaut Asks Sadhguru

Actress Kangana Ranaut asks Sadhguru about Shiva’s origins, and about “external control” of every human action during an In Conversation with the Mystic event. Read on to find out Sadhguru’s response.
Is Shiva an Alien? – Kangana Ranaut Asks Sadhguru

Kangana Ranaut: Krishna, Muhammad, Ram, Christ, Buddha – for all the enlightened people who’ve been on this planet, there is some sort of mention of their birth or death. But when it comes to Shiva, I’ve read that he was self-created. There is a theory that Shiva is an alien. And there is this theory that everything that a human encounters – whether it’s an idea, a thought, anything – has been transmitted into them through an outer space, an outer being. Is it that we are being operated by outside beings?

Sadhguru: Well, people who have no faith in human intelligence are looking up, expecting that intelligence will come from somewhere else. There are very significant things that, unfortunately, this present generation has mostly forgotten. For example, in yoga, we call the spine merudanda – that means the axis of the universe. Today, scientists are admitting it is an endless universe. In this culture, we have always been saying it’s an ever-expanding universe. 

The Experience Center

On the surface, to say your spine is the axis of the universe sounds ridiculous. So, why are we saying this? You think there is a universe only by your experience. If you could not see or feel anything, you wouldn’t know there is a universe. Only because of your experience, there is a universe. And the center where your experience is transmitted is your spine


If we cut off the wires in your spine, you will have no experience even of the body – forget about the universe. We are calling your spine the axis of the universe because your ability to experience the universe is rooted and centered in your spine.

Based on this, we developed a whole possibility for a human being to not just believe these things but to make them a living experience. This is where the word “yoga” came from. Inclusiveness happens simply because you obliterate the boundaries of your individuality. 

We are not inclusive because of “I love you, you love me. I hug you, you hug me” – all that will only last for some time. Tomorrow, if they do something that you don’t like, it will be finished. Yoga means to obliterate the boundaries of your individual nature, including your body, so that you know how to sit here without being identified with the boundaries of who you are.

Shi-va – “That Which is Not”

Your physical structure, mental structure, and emotional structure have a boundary – it may be large or small. But there are dimensions that have no boundary. What doesn’t have a boundary is non-physical in nature. Our focus has always been on that dimension which is non-physical. That is why Shiva became the most important thing, because Shi-va means “that which is not,” that which is non-physical. 

Now, the yogi that we are talking about – is he a human being, or did he come from somewhere else? This is a long story.

Now, the yogi that we are talking about – is he a human being, or did he come from somewhere else? This is a long story. We have a book on Adiyogi which is going into these aspects, but let me put it across. When we talk about Shiva, there is no parentage. There is no place of birth. There is no one who saw him young, growing up. When people saw him, he was always about the same age. And we don’t know where he died. Such a significant human being, even in those times, if he died somewhere, they should have built a temple or some kind of monument for him – nothing like that happened.

Yakshaswarupa: A Being From Elsewhere

There is no birth, no death, no parentage, no siblings – there is nothing to prove that he was here. Does this mean we can assume he came from somewhere else? Not necessarily. But if you look at the lore, Shiva is very commonly referred to as “Yakshaswarupa.” “Yaksha” always means beings or creatures who are not human, but who are supposed to have existed in the natural environment of this planet, in the forest and other areas. There are many things which point towards it, but there is no specific proof that he came from elsewhere. 

Modern Science Lagging Behind

In the yogic lore, it is estimated Shiva or Adiyogi existed as a person and walked this land somewhere between 60,000 to 75,000 years ago. When I first spoke this, all the more sensible people around me, who are not as naïve as me – the wiser, younger people – said, “Sadhguru, if you say 75,000, they will blast you. The only archeological proof that Adiyogi or Shiva existed is about 12,600 years. Say 12,600, 13,000, or 14,000.” I said, “Okay – 15,000.” There is archeological proof today that over 30,000 years ago, a civilized society existed in pockets of this country. 

I’m saying over 15,000 years ago, because that may be accepted in the West. If I say 75,000, they would resist because their idea of the world is only six thousand years old. They said creation happened in six days and it is only six thousand years old. For all these centuries, they insisted on that. Now, they are slowly correcting themselves because science proves something else. You will see, in the next fifty years, modern science will say many things that we have been talking about for thousands of years.

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