Sadhguru’s Last Telegram

Sadhguru sent out one last telegram before India’s telegraph service finally shut down this month. Things didn’t turn out as planned and some hilarious results ensued.

The telegram service came to an end earlier this month. Among the final messages that were dispatched at the telegraph offices was one by Sadhguru.

The telegram was supposed to read:

“May you know the bliss of the Divine. My last telegram. Love and Blessings, Sadhguru.”

But the wire service mixed up a few things and the last line in the message skipped the word “Love.” It ended up reading:

“My last telegram and blessings.”

Here is Sadhguru’s humorous response when he was informed of the mistake:

“This is my last telegram for sure but my blessings are lasting for you.
And this is the last mistake the Indian Telegraph office will do, so please pardon them.

Love & Blessings