The Making of a Hata Yogi: Goodbye and Good Luck!

In Week Twenty-One of our series “The Making of a Hata Yogi,” the Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program draws to a close.

Week 21

The Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program
is an endeavor to bring back classical yoga in its purest form and to train teachers who can impart this phenomenally powerful science. In this series, we have been following the participants through their exciting 21-week journey.

At Week Twenty-One
, the program draws to a wonderful close.

Caroline: "To say bye to our amazing teachers and volunteers, and all the friends met during these months! It was very humbling to receive the certificate, the first step to transmitting to the world out there..."

It was the final week of the 21-week Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program. With so much accomplished over these months, the participants were feeling exultant at what they had received, bereft at the idea of leaving the ashram, and yet excited about the new possibilities in store for them.

It was not all sentiment and wind-down however, for there was something very profound and moving that lay in store for the participants. The group was taught the phenomenal practice of Bhuta Shuddhi, the process of purifying the five elements, and they were fortunate enough to be initiated by Sadhguru himself.

A participant shares: “Bhuta Shuddhi was an experience. We were so fortunate that Sadhguru initiated us! I remembered the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana at the Dhyanalinga, which was powerful, but this time, we were not just watching, we were involved in learning and doing it! At the end, I could not hold back my tears; it was such a beautiful day. What a blessing! Tears and grace filled the Adiyogi Alayam.”

All too soon, it was the last day of the program. Everyone involved was a mass of mixed feelings. The previous evening, the participants wished to express their gratitude to the volunteers who had served them for so many weeks, and served them a special dinner that included cake, ice cream and dahi vadas. Then there was an evening of culture with music, singing, dance and poetry.

On the final day, there was a slide show with memorable moments of the past weeks. The group listened intently to a video talk in which Sadhguru had some final words about the integrity which they needed to teach Hata Yoga. He told them: “If you’re willing, I am with you every moment of your life. You have to just create the willingness.”

Then as the participants received their completion certificates, they were overcome with tears, gratitude and a determined sense of purpose. Caroline shares: “I knew the end to the program would be emotional and powerful for various reasons. To say bye to our amazing teachers and volunteers, and all the friends met during these months! It was very humbling to receive the certificate, the first step to transmitting to the world out there...”

Stephanie says, “The journey from where I was sitting to the dais to receive the certificate was so surreal. I felt like I was a disciple in one of those ancient Shaolin temples! Finally, with the blessings of all the gurus, the string that had been guiding me throughout the 5½ months has been released, but with so much focus instilled inside me that I will always carry this above my own life, and never compromise the integrity of what has been given to me. I am proud to say that I am ready to offer this tool to humanity.”

The Making of a Hata Yogi is a 21 part series...

The Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program is an unparalleled opportunity to acquire a profound understanding of the yogic system and the proficiency to teach Hata Yoga. The next program will be conducted from 12th July to 6th December, 2014. For more information, visit or mail

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6 years 6 months ago

I have done the 3 day Hata Yoga programme in Mumbai and do the 30 minutes of asana every day.
I can feel the physical greasing of muscles and joints and am sure the same is happening to the mind and thoughts.

6 years 6 months ago

Coming together and parting with a unifying echo resonating, Yoga and Realization is wonderful. Let every moment of ours be in tune with the Grace of Sadhguru. Best wishes, Isha Hata Yoga Teachers.

6 years 6 months ago

Best wishes to Hata Yogis

6 years 1 month ago

I have a strong feel that i will also come there in coming next 2 year