The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include. -Sadhguru


The beauty of motherhood is not in reproduction but in inclusion - to experience another life as part of yourself. -Sadhguru


Being a mother is not about reproduction - you are creating the next generation of people. This is a tremendous responsibility. -Sadhguru


My mother set the ambience for me, without which I would not be what I am. Motherhood is not of biology but of unconditional inclusion. -Sadhguru



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You don't have to be super smart for your child to grow up well. You just have to be joyfu, loving and straight. -Sadhguru


If you make yourself into something truly wonderful, your children will look up and listen to you. -Sadhguru


We need to raise our children to be true contributions to the world. The next generation should be better than us. -Sadhguru


Having children is not the key to a fulfilled life. You can have a dozen children and still be frustrated. -Sadhguru


Your parents gave you a human body. After that, whether you want to get raised by them or you want to grow up should be your choice. -Sadhguru


Editor's Note: Sadhguru explains how Mother's Day is a time to be grateful and appreciate not just our mothers, but every single aspect of creation because if you look closely, there isn’t one thing in creation without which we can exist.