Technical Requirements:

Hardware requirements:

To participate in the program it will be mandatory for you to have compatible hardware, such as:

  • laptop/desktop computer/mobile device.
  • stable internet access with sufficient bandwidth (2mbps)/ adequate data pack. A Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is recommended.

It is best to connect through a laptop or desktop computer and to keep your phone switched off. Please ensure that the device you use for the program is kept on charge for the entire duration of the program.

Software requirement:

Google Chrome version 85 or later is recommended.

Please ensure that all your hardware and software are fully functional, prior to the start of the program.

We will not be responsible for any equipment or network malfunctions or service disruptions from your end that may affect your session.

Note: You are expressly prohibited from photographing, screenshotting, screen-recording and/or recording, by video or audio, any part of the Program for any purpose whatsoever. Please go through Our Intellectual Property Rights section.