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Ishanga 7% partnership with Sadhguru is an immense possibility for you to become available to grace for your ultimate wellbeing.

Becoming an Ishanga 7% Partner means that you are willing to regularly contribute 7% or more of your earnings towards Isha’s various projects.

By making this offering, you nourish the life within you and also become a part of Sadhguru’s vision for humanity.

"Ishanga 7% has helped me experience Sadhguru in a more profound manner. It's now abundantly clear that all I tread on is just Him."

"What I’m getting from Ishanga 7% and the Bond of Grace is far bigger than what I’m giving."

Benefits of Becoming an Ishanga 7% Partner

Enhance your receptivity to Sadhguru’s grace

By becoming an Ishanga 7% Partner you enrich your life and enhance your receptivity to grace.

Learn a daily process

Learn a process to be practiced every day to experience grace.

Be a part of Sadhguru’s vision

You become a part of Sadhguru’s vision for humanity and Isha’s various projects through your Ishanga 7% Partner contributions.

Exclusive Program with Sadhguru only for Ishanga 7% Partners

Ishanga 7% Partners have an opportunity to participate in an exclusive online program called “Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace”. During this program, Ishanga 7% Partners can be in Sadhguru’s presence and be initiated into a powerful daily practice to connect with grace. To participate in the program, you must have the “Bond of Grace” copper form (formerly known as Nanmai Uruvam).

“Bond of Grace is a Bond for Life.” - Sadhguru

More information about the program will be available once you are an Ishanga 7% Partner.

The Ishanga 7% partnership with Sadhguru is a profound possibility that allows you to become available to grace and find overall fulfillment and ultimate wellbeing.

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