Jyoti Basu, an Isha volunteer, tells us how an invaluable lesson was learned from a student during an Isha Upa-Yoga session.

I was at the National Garodia School for 3 days to support with the Isha Upa-Yoga classes. About 2000 students learned the practices. It was a wonderful experience to participate, and I even had an opportunity to conduct one session. I felt blessed. I did nothing but stand there with an open mind, and everything happened with Sadhguru's grace.

In every session, around 200 students learned upa-yoga. I wondered if these students were really interested in learning yoga or they were just coming because their teachers told them to. Within a couple of hours, I had my answer.


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I was standing outside the hall after the session and was discussing something about next week's sessions with my fellow volunteers. A student came to me and asked about the cost of the Upa-Yoga CD. When I told her, she opened a tiny purse, took a Rs.10 note and some 1-rupee coins and bought the CD.

I realized how immature I had been to think what I did. To account for the CD sale, I asked her her name. "Sirajunnisha", she replied.

Jyoti Basu,

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