Week in Review Sathsang with Sadhguru Attended Live – All Over the World


Sadhguru returned from his trip to the U.S. and Europe on February 11th and immediately held Sathsang in Spanda Hall. Overseas guests just arriving for Samyama were thrilled, some seeing him in person for the very first time. The Sathsang was broadcast to monthly Sathsangs around the world and meditators in Columbus, Ohio were able to directly ask Sadhguru about the guru-disciple relationship and how to speak with your children about the Creator.

Overseas Meditators Arrive For Samyama!

Meditators trickled in for Samyama, which is taking place February 16-23. Our overseas troupers quickly adjusted to the ashram schedule and many immediately jumped in to volunteer for ashram activities.

Two meditators from the United States share their experience gardening:

After a mouthwatering and energizing breakfast rich in southern Indian spices, colors, and tastes, I headed over to one of the gardens in the ashram to pot saplings. Sitting on the earth in the cool shade under a sandalwood tree, I had the privileged task of taking little saplings and re-potting them in larger containers.

It's really incredible how, moments after settling down on the floor and starting to re-pot the young green life in my hands, a world just exploded open as though I was in a 3D Image show. But this show was even better. It was real. Countless South Indian birds chirped, kaw-kawed, and yelped all around me as though competing for my attention (they probably didn't even notice me!). They sat above or flew by in various sizes, colors, and mannerisms. And a world of insects, snails and worms worked on and through the pile of dirt in front of me like construction workers on a high-rise job site, each knowing and fulfilling their task without deviation.

Although I have worked in gardens before, there was something about the experience that morning that is hard to articulate. I felt connected. Connected to something much larger than myself, and at the same time, very much a part of myself. I was humbled (and slightly envious!) by the focus and single-pointed attention of all the life around while they were performing their tasks and simply living. And like the myriad of colors and flavors of my breakfast, the countless amounts of various forms of life around me made me feel so small and excited at the same time. And this was just in one garden! While I may have volunteered just for some time that morning in the garden, I reaped so much more than I could ever put in words.

- Sagi

Planting saplings in the nursery and sticking my hands in the warm, sticky soil is exactly how I intended to spend my free time here. Though there is much work to be done, I’m finding the beauty of what this work really means, beyond the constraints of time and necessity.

Of course, working in nature requires a certain degree of effort, intention, and love. But it is one’s willingness to work that deepens the experience. Sadhguru says that the way you hold yourself during your work and the amount of willingness and selflessness that you can behold is much more important than the task at hand. After spending quiet mornings volunteering in the garden or serving food to others before enjoying my first meal of the day, I am experiencing a vast opening of myself, an exuberance that grows brighter and brighter. I cannot wait to begin Samyama, to enter into the atmosphere with a fresh sense of vulnerability and willingness.

- Britta

Sadhguru Visits Homes and Offices of Isha Meditators

Sadhguru visited the homes and offices of five meditators to personally consecrate Linga Bhairavi Avighna Yantras. The spaces were beautifully decorated with an abundance of flowers to welcome Devi and the meditators were overwhelmed with gratitude at Sadhguru’s presence.

The Linga Bhairavi Avighna Yantra is a powerful energy form which creates personal and material well-being. Her compassionate and motherly protective nature also wards off any negative influences in one’s life. As part of the Avighna Yantra process, Sadhguru personally consecrates the yantras and initiates participants into a sacred process.

Mahasathsang in Coimbatore

The final Mahasathsang took place on Sunday in Coimbatore, with tens of thousands of Tamilians attending. Overseas meditators happily climbed onto a bus organized by Isha and enjoyed the one-hour ride into Coimbatore city. Once they arrived, many joined the welcoming team and greeting incoming guests with a warm “Namaskar”.

One volunteer from the U.S. shares:

Along with over 100 visitors from all across the world, I joined the thousands of local Tamilians attending Sadhguru's Mahasathsang in Coimbatore. What a crowd - representing such diverse walks of life, harmoniously coming together and sharing in an event that reached all of us on our own levels. It was a rare thing to behold.

Although many of us did not speak Tamil, the energy and vibrancy of the event touched us so strongly. Sadguru's discourses and guided meditation and the music, dancing and joy of coming together with friends and strangers alike made it a night not to be forgotten.

Bharatnatyam Performance at Isha Home School

Last week’s dance performance at the Isha Home School was a treat for all in attendance. The senior girls told the wonderful story of Lord Murga’s wedding, as expressed through the South Indian dance form - Bharatnatyam. Isha Home School students have the honor of working with veteran Bharatnatyam exponent, Smt Kalaimamani Indira Rajan. Indira Rajan hails from the Pandanallur tradition of Bharatnatyam and is renowned world over for her passion for preserving the art of Bharatnatyam.

Sadhguru to Conduct Initiations in San Francisco and Atlanta

Sadhguru will personally conduct initiations for Inner Engineering Online for participants in San Francisco from April 30 – May 1 and Atlanta from May 14-15. This is part of an initiative to spread the “Wave of Bliss” phenomenon of Tamil Nadu to the United States