W ith a heart full of enthusiasm for the students of Isha Vidhya, Priya Vaidhyanathan and Deepa Ajit will be “attempting the daunting task of trekking to the Mt. Everest Base Camp (altitude- 5380 meters/17,650 feet above sea level) in May 2012.”

We want to share our joy and gratitude by asking you to support us in promoting the cause of primary education in Rural India through Isha Vidhya, an organization that works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children in the villages across India. The money we raise will be used to provide tuition, study materials, mid-day lunches and uniforms to children who would otherwise never have gone to school.”

Targeting $5,000 for their 100 km trek (50 dollars per kilometer), the girls have nearly reached their goal.


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