Special Care and Love for Special Children

While a mother is bearing a child in her womb, all she asks for is a healthy child – a child that is playful, joyous and loving. Not every child born is bouncing with the fullness of health, yet still there is hope.
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In India, statistics show that one in 68 children are being diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autistic Spectrum Disorder or autism is a disorder that affects the nervous system. It also impacts the emotional, social and physical health of the child. Today, many parents choose solely allopathic treatment for handling children with autism.

Holistic approach to health

Isha Life aims at treating a wide range of health conditions of all age groups by addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms through combining ancient Indian disciplines of Yoga, Siddha and Ayurveda, along with modern allopathy. Isha Life offers powerful and impactful solutions for the treatment of children with various conditions including autism. The team consists of highly specialized and skilled professionals in their respective fields who guide and support the parents and children in holistic management of the condition in an effective way by addressing the root cause rather than only the symptoms. 

How children coping with autism regained health

Below, parents share how their child improved after treatment at Isha Life Health Solutions, Chennai.


From a very early age, my son’s behavior was not normal. He was not able to mingle with anyone or sit in one place. He often screamed and shouted. He also had severe constipation. As parents we were in a constant state of anxiety and stress, especially because Sanjay never recognized his mother, he only recognized me (his father).

When we took him to Isha Life, he was 3 years old. That is when we were told he has autism. According to Siddha medicine, Sanjay’s inertness (lacking the ability or strength to move) and indolence (avoidance of activity or exertion) was the cause of several ailments. To aid growth and eliminate his inertia, appropriate Siddha medicines were prescribed. In time, this also allowed his bowel movements to become regular. 

Klesha Nashana Kriya was performed 21 times and as was needed over two-and-a-half years. This showed good progress. Now, Sanjay’s intellect has improved a lot. He is able to sit in one place, and attend special school. He has exemplary skills in music and is able to remember songs very well. Sanjay’s mother’s, with a smile on her face, says, “He now sings rhymes”. Sanjay is now able to establish eye contact and has made many friends.  


Our 9 month old daughter, Haritha, was under-developed. She had the development of only a one month old baby. Doctors said her nervous system was not fully developed. She also had seizures and cerebral palsy. Several allopathic medicines were prescribed. 

We came to Isha Life with much expectation. When Haritha arrived, she was quiet and sleepy – mainly due to excessive drugs. Although she was physically well formed, her legs and left arm were weak. Following consultation with the neural specialists, all her medicines, except for the ones prescribed for seizures, were stopped. 

After taking Siddha medicines, indolence and constipation were eliminated. Haritha was prescribed Klesha Nashana Kriya. Within a month’s time she gained strength to hold her head upright. She could turn her head and see. We were so delighted to hear her babble! 

Eventually, even her common cold was cured and she gained immunity. Now, Haritha has the growth of a 2 year old and her legs and arms are strong. We are overjoyed! Our kid who was always dizzy is now an active and a naughty child! 


Our son, Rithvik, is now 4 years old. He was normal until he was a year old. From his second year onwards, his mental health started deteriorating – he was unable to sit in one place or play and had attention disorder. His immune system was very weak and he frequently had colds and fever. We were very concerned and dejected. We took him to the Isha Clinic when he had severe constipation. Before, Rithvik was unaware when he was urinating and excreting. By taking Siddha medicines, he now uses the toilet on his own. Klesha Nashana Kriya was also performed. Through Siddha medicines and the Klesha Nashana Kriya, Rithvik is now able to speak and socialize with others. Step by step, his immune system has become well developed. His awareness and memory have improved a lot. We are filled with joy!


Editor’s Note: At Isha Life Health Solutions, Chennai, solutions to prevent  and treat children’s neural issues are provided. When therapies like Siddha, Yoga, Ayurveda, Klesha Nashana Kriya, and Allopathy are integrated, children attain an elevated state of health. Most importantly one can notice striking changes in children with autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).