From 18th to 20th January, Sadhguru conducted an Inner Engineering program for over 3500 people in New Delhi. It was a rare opportunity for the participants to be with Sadhguru for the three days during the program, where they were initiated into the ancient yoga kriya Shambhavi Mahamudra. Similar programs have already been conducted across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the last year with close to 50,000 people attending the programs.

A volunteer shares her experience of being a part of the program and contributing to make it happen:

“Anand Lahar, is not about three days of program – it's a festival that starts six months prior to the starting date. The fact that Sadhguru himself was coming to conduct the course was enough to give me an adrenaline rush. I had never thought of what to do, how to do, what particular activity to work in, but I just knew I wanted to take part in the volunteering.

I have never been this giving, peaceful in my entire life.
It was a very gradual process, but slowly it started blooming in a way I never even imagined. After the Anand Lahar program launch, I was totally different; the fire within me to reach out to people was alive. Initially I started off handling phone calls and then I was given the job of handling online registrations, which is very fun and demanding work. It was like a new born baby that grows every day was given to me to handle – you miss online queries, then you miss its signals. All the activity and troubleshooting kept me on my toes every day. In my dreams also, I used to assign calls and do follow ups. Slowly, slowly one after another limitation started falling apart. I have never been this giving, peaceful in my entire life.

On the eve of 18th Jan 2013, I felt like I had an exam next day – so many preparations had to be done. The morning started with a buzz, and I never realized when the day ended. For me, it was not about just handing kits to participants; it was a way to welcome them to the transforming weekend they came to experience, to make the participants comfortable, focused. It was so exciting to see people in person whom till now I had only talked with on the phone, connected through internet – all of them committed to the program for those three days. It felt like an achievement that the extra mile I took to help transform others was accomplished. There was a time when I never wanted to volunteer, and now the more I volunteer, the more it feels is not enough, it's insufficient.


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Giving myself completely out for others' wellbeing was so touching. I wanted to involve myself in every activity that was going on.
I was honored to serve lunch to participants on both days. The feeling was as if I had invited guests to my own wedding, from sweeping the floor, setting up the table, and coordinating – all this made me more humbled, touched to do anything for others well being. The involvement was so intense that there was no thought about food or comfort. It just happened as was needed; there was absolutely no identification with my likes and dislikes.

Giving myself completely out for others' well being was so touching. I wanted to involve myself in every activity that was going on. I had to explain to myself that I can't do everything, so instead I just put my heart in the activity that I was allotted. It has completely changed me, shifted my energies to a different level.

The participants I registered for the program are calling and sending messages to me to share their experience, updating me with their practices, thanking me for registering them. It's overwhelming and touching to know that my small step has reached out and created such a tremendous experience for people          .

The program was a Wave of Bliss, not only for the participants, but for the volunteers as well. In my experience, I had gained more by volunteering than I would have if I had participated in the program. If given a choice between participation and volunteering, I would always choose to volunteer.”

- Isha Volunteer, New Delhi