When Sadhguru recently visited Russia for the first time, he was surprised by a rather large reception of Russians who were waiting to greet him. He was received with not just a dose of hospitality but with much warmth and emotion. He later came to know that though they didn’t understand much English, they came to know about him through YouTube videos that had been translated into Russian.

So it was no surprise when an Inner Engineering Retreat was announced in Russian, there was an overwhelming response and the seats were fully booked within a month. For the first time, a group of 30 Russians will be traveling to Isha Yoga Center to attend this program, which will be offered with Russian translation. A portion of this group will stay on for the Surya Kriya program from 8-10 January, which will also have Russian translation.


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Some of these retreat participants had an opportunity to meet Sadhguru during his visit to Moscow. Even as they were preparing to come for the program and visit the ashram, attending the satsang at the Indian Embassy in Moscow and having a chance to ask their questions directly to Sadhguru had a remarkable impact on them.

Here is what one of the future retreat participants had to say about meeting Sadhguru in Moscow last month:

"Sadhguru came into my life just absolutely by himself in September 2017, and touched me to the very root of my being. I was looking for it over a long period of time, trying different things, but I didn't have an idea that something like this can happen basically without me looking for it or trying to find it. It just appeared from the outside and changed my life in many aspects already. The news about Sadhguru's visit to Russia has added one more fantastic situation — I had a chance to meet Sadhguru in person, and listen to a public talk, even assist in some way, and this really had a huge impact on me.

As I understood from my previous experience, having high expectations, especially in the spiritual realm, is not the best way to approach it. Therefore, I don't have many expectations from my upcoming visit to India, but I know that whatever comes my way will be the right thing, and I will try to give sufficient attention to allow any situation, place or person to interact with me exactly the right way."

Based on the tremendous interest from the general public during Sadhguru’s visit to Russia and a huge demand for Isha Yoga Programs, more programs with Russian translation will be offered at the Isha Yoga Center in the near future. With these, a new spiritual gateway has opened wide for the Russians at the foot of the Velliangiri Mountains, where they can explore the inner dimensions of the microcosm called the human being.

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